Sunday, July 6, 2008

Iron Man vs Indy vs Hancock vs Hulk

After a short break, I have returned. Things around here have not been particularly busy, I've just been a great big slacker.

There are certain movies that the Hubby and I have decided are 'theater' movies. Having worked at a movie rental store for just over three years, we learned to wait for free movies. I could rent 2 movies a day for free, so the only time we actually paid to watch a movie was when we saw it in the theater. For the most part we could wait for a movie to come to DVD before watching it. We tend to stick to the same practices even though I no longer get the free rentals. I guess it's better to pay $6 to see a movie at home than to pay $10 + $1,000,000 in gas to see it in the theater.

That having been said, there is a list. The list is of the movies we just have to see in theater. These basically consist of super hero movies and action movies. They are the kind of movies that would lose their appeal on a 42" T.V. The ones that thrive on Dolby Digital. For these we will pay the $1,000,010. Summer seems to be the worst for these movies, I think we've already been to 4 0r 5. Iron Man, Indiana Jones, Hulk, and Hancock.

Still to come this summer is Hellboy 2 and The Dark Knight.

Iron Man - 5 Stars! It was fantastic. I loved all the foreshadowing and the comedic banter between characters.

Indian Jones and the Crystal Skull- 4 Stars. It was entertaining the whole way through. I was pleasantly surprised that the filming was done in the same format as the original Indy movies. The characters were classic. The ending was a little too far fetched for me, I like the ones that were based on historical events.

The Incredible Hulk- 5 Stars! Well done! Again with the alluding to future films with the introduction of other comic book characters. Just enough love story, and truly fulfilling action sequences.

Hancock - 3 Stars. I say meh. It was entertaining. The story line was lacking. There was no enemy, no bad guy, ni negative force. Oh, and all the 'surprises' were given away in the trailers. Will Smith made the show. He filled the shoes just right.

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