Monday, December 1, 2008

It's time to celebrate!

I'm ready for Christmas, who's with me? Oh don't worry, not ready in the "I've finished my shopping, baking, decorating, wrapping...." kind of way. I mean the "Is it time for a break yet?" kind of ready.

Things have been going really well. Work is great! I was able to baptize 2 of my Jr. High girls this weekend :) KIDstuf is chugging along.

I do have the majority of my shopping done, or at least ordered. There a a few people I'm still stuck on, but I'm sure I'll figure something out.

I think the two things I look forward to most are Decorating and Baking! I put up the tree (fake :() this weekend. The stocking are up, mistletoe, garland, random animated trees and snowmen. It's pretty, but I miss the smell. I grew up with a real tree every year. I'm going to see if I can find a pine scented car freshener and hide in somewhere in the tree.

I haven't even thought about baking yet this year. Last year I had just started my job in October, and had almost 2 weeks of vacation time to use before January. I used that time to do all my decorating and baking and wrapping and shopping. It was a great year. I don't even know what I'm going to bake this year! I always like to try something new each year. The things that turn out really well turn into a staple. If they aren't so great, I pass them off to co-workers and family members to inhale. They are always tasty, but some make me happier than others. I need some ideas for this year. I have 4 days left of vacation time this year, so I'm using them between Christmas and New Years Day so if feels longer :)

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Beautiful Weekend

This past weekend was preciously looong. I usually work Sunday to Thursday so I have Friday and Saturday off. With the Holiday on Tuesday I decided to switch the next week around a little as to have Monday and Tuesday off as well. It was almost a 5 day weekend, but I still had to be at work Sunday. Oh well. It was fantastic regardless.

Friday started off as usual. I didn't get to sleep in because Layla was ready to get up as soon as the Hubby did. Not too bad. I watched Grey's Anatomy from the night before ( thank you Hubby, I love to Tivo!) and then did a little work, but only of the e-mailing in my pj's sort of work. I was planning on driving out to my parents in the afternoon so I took a nice long shower, took my time getting ready, and then made the drive to my parents house by 2. They are trying to sell their house (great timing :P) so there was a showing at 3. I had to be out of there during the showing, and they were still at work so I went to the 'mall' I used to go to as a kid to browse the bookstore and kill some time.

Wholly crap things have changed. My little mall is now a shopping utopia. There were more shops than people, ok, that's not possible. There may have been a million people shoved into that mall. I used to whine and complain about how much I missed my city life. I grew up just outside Vancouver. When I moved to 'the city in the country' I was miserable with the slow paced, laid back crap. I wanted the buzz of the city. I still miss it, don't mistake my rant here. I love to sit back and watch people make fools of themselves when they think no one is looking. I love the sound of a busy road. I love the smell of a sidewalk vendor.

Simply put, I can't believe it changed without me :( I'm stuck in the booneis where the smells are cow crap, the sounds are dulled, and the people: well let's just say there's enough stupid to go around. And I don't even live in farm country! "The city in the country". Ha! We're getting there, it's not as bad as 8 years ago when I moved out here.

Aaaanyways. Back to my fabulous weekend. I wandered Chapters, bought a 'small stack' (we'll use my definition here, it was small... really!) of books and made an attempt at wandering the mall. It's difficult to wander when you either move with the flow of traffic or get run over. Since I had no specific destination in mind, I retreated back to my car and read until the friend I was meeting was done class and we could go for coffee. You know how good it is to spend time with someone you've known forever. Even if you don't see eachother often it's so easy to slip back into a rythym of conversation. We didn't even get to spend that much time together, but it was good.

I'm taking too long to write all of this, at this point no one cares to finish the rest. Quickly then. Saturday was a FULL DAY AT THE SPA with my mom. *sigh of contentment* It was amazing, and I have the softest everything. oh, and then I got to go out for dinner with some family for my cousin's birthday. It was good times.

Sunday I worked. woo.

Monday and Tuesday I sat around. That's it. It was beautiful.

Tuesday, November 4, 2008


Alright, so here is the trip run down you have all been waiting for.

We took three days to make the drive down to LA. It was only 21 hours of driving time... the rest of those three Soo much shopping! I LOVE outlet malls! My husband loves nice clothes he doesn't have to shop for. It's a win-win situation.

The adventure all started when my SIL suggested we take a trip down to California to visit family and maybe check out Six Flags. It turned into an amazing all girls theme park, shopping, exploring adventure. It was fantastic. Four of us piled into my car and drove for hours on end. I loved it. Don't get me wrong, I wanted to strangle every one of them by the end of the trip, but I'd do it again. I love the three girls I went with. They made me feel old though. I was the only married one. I was the only one over 21. I was the only one without an N (driving restriction here in BC for all those far away readers). I was the only one without a $500 credit limit.

I may have been old, but I was no chicken when it came to theme parks! I have pretty severe vertigo that kicks in when I 'fall' or do the straight drop rides, so I avoided the Tower Of Terror. Everything else was game though. X2 at Magic Mountain was great, gave me a massive headache though.

More later!

Thursday, October 30, 2008

I know I know Whatever

I'm so glad October is almost over. Don't get me wrong, I love Halloween, Fall, Thanksgiving (Canadian remember), but this was the October from you-know-where.

September was AMAZING, which I promise to update you all on eventually. October was.. well... ridiculous. First of all I worked an average of 55 hours a week.... For 4 Weeks! I only had one weekend in town, the other three were held hostage at various other locations.

Week one was good, it was out youth leaders retreat. I had a great time, other than the fact that only 3 of the 10 leaders showed up. I wouldn't call it wasted time because I got to know those three quite a bit better, but it would have been nice to be home.

Week two I was back in California (yes back, I'll tell you all about it when we talk about September). This time it was for the National Youth Workers Convention. Amazing. I had a fantastic time. The only downside would by my 5 year old travel buddy. No, he isn't actually 5, but you could've fooled me. We get along just great at work, but NEVER again will I travel or spend any length of time trapped with this guy.

Conversation on the plan home:

Jon: We're sitting in the emergency exit seats
Me: Yup
Jon: There are pictures that tell you how to open the emergency doors, but they are going to tell us anyways.
Me: That's their job
Jon: It says port
Me: yup
Jon: Port
Me: *sigh*
Jon: Sortie haha
Me: I know you can't tell, but my ears are closed now.
Jon: No they aren't
Me: Let's pretend. Even though you can't see it, my ears are closed. *starts reading book*
Jon: Bla Bla Bla - carries on for about 5 minutes or so
Me: You forgot my ears were closed didn't you?

Weekend #3 was great, I was able to attend the service at my old church to hear 2 friends of mine preach. The spoke on God as a father. That day was the one year anniversary of the day one of the girls' father was murdered. He was an amazing man, and an amazing father. Her goal was to challenge men to be like that. I was a total sobfest. So good.

Weekend #4 might have been okay had the circumstances come together a little better. Thursday night for youth we went to the corn maze. We has a good number of kids come out and it was fun. The next two days we had to be at a leadership conference 4 hours away. And we had to be there before the morning. Which means we were driving until 2am, and had to start again at 7am. What did I get out of the conference... not a whole lot. I was one of the 4 'young people' sleeping in the back. Ok, I only fell asleep once. And it wasn't even that day. I didn't hit me all that hard untill the second day when I actually did fall asleep in one of the workshops. Most of the content didn't really grab my attention except for one speaker. Donald Miller. If you ever get the chance to hear him speak, do it. That was the one redeaming thing about this weekend.

For those of you who have no idea what I'm talking about, tune in next time where I'll go back to writing like a sane person. This is what stress does to me. I revert to a review of my month. Sigh.

Sunday, August 17, 2008

I should be fired

I apologize to anyone who relies on my blog to stay connected to my life. Also, to them I say "pick up a phone and call me! " To everyone else, "Who wants to hear about my summer?!"

Things have been really good!

I spent 2 weeks at my parents condo.... yeah, the deck walks out onto the beach.
The view from my window :)

I went with family which was a lot of fun. I shared a room with grandma for a few nights..she swallowed a kitten. Either that or there was a small missile going off in her nose every few seconds.
She would breath in like a normal person, but every breath out sounded like " Meeeeeew". No joke.

I read something like 8 or 9 books. Got a very nice tan.

I also perfected my Cosmopolitan..

Sunday, July 6, 2008

Iron Man vs Indy vs Hancock vs Hulk

After a short break, I have returned. Things around here have not been particularly busy, I've just been a great big slacker.

There are certain movies that the Hubby and I have decided are 'theater' movies. Having worked at a movie rental store for just over three years, we learned to wait for free movies. I could rent 2 movies a day for free, so the only time we actually paid to watch a movie was when we saw it in the theater. For the most part we could wait for a movie to come to DVD before watching it. We tend to stick to the same practices even though I no longer get the free rentals. I guess it's better to pay $6 to see a movie at home than to pay $10 + $1,000,000 in gas to see it in the theater.

That having been said, there is a list. The list is of the movies we just have to see in theater. These basically consist of super hero movies and action movies. They are the kind of movies that would lose their appeal on a 42" T.V. The ones that thrive on Dolby Digital. For these we will pay the $1,000,010. Summer seems to be the worst for these movies, I think we've already been to 4 0r 5. Iron Man, Indiana Jones, Hulk, and Hancock.

Still to come this summer is Hellboy 2 and The Dark Knight.

Iron Man - 5 Stars! It was fantastic. I loved all the foreshadowing and the comedic banter between characters.

Indian Jones and the Crystal Skull- 4 Stars. It was entertaining the whole way through. I was pleasantly surprised that the filming was done in the same format as the original Indy movies. The characters were classic. The ending was a little too far fetched for me, I like the ones that were based on historical events.

The Incredible Hulk- 5 Stars! Well done! Again with the alluding to future films with the introduction of other comic book characters. Just enough love story, and truly fulfilling action sequences.

Hancock - 3 Stars. I say meh. It was entertaining. The story line was lacking. There was no enemy, no bad guy, ni negative force. Oh, and all the 'surprises' were given away in the trailers. Will Smith made the show. He filled the shoes just right.

Wednesday, June 18, 2008


Aaron L.

Hey look, you're finally popular. Well, sort of. As long as you think you are will you be happy? I hope so, it's about time.

Monday, June 16, 2008

Fun Monday

Fun Monday is being hosted by Jan.

The subject is walls. We all have walls of some sort. What I want to hear about and see, if you're going to show off your amazing photo skills, is what is on your walls, what color are your walls, what is special about them, what is your favorite or least favorite, is it inside or outside. You get the idea, let's show and tell about walls.

Since I'm blogging from work today, you get to see my office walls. While they aren't all that interesting I have some fun stuff. In the next few months there will be a complete overhaul of the walls in my office. My sister-in-law and I are going to be painting! Then they will be pretty and a little more reflective of my personality. In the meantime my office walls are a yucky beige with brown trim here and there. I have tried to spice it up with a little of me, but even that looks drab in here!

This is a picture I got from IKEA, which I love. Unfortunately I sit with my back to it all day long.

I got this in Italy almost 10 years ago now. It has followed me from my bedroom in my parents house, to my dorm room, and now to my office.
My other pretty picture desperately needs a frame. It is my calming photo and my husband hates it, therefore it has found a home in my office.
My bulletin board. Don't you just love all that order? ha!
The Calendar... still in May.
So that's my office, just about every boring inch of it. Once I have re-decorated I will post new pictures!


Danielle B.

You told your school you had cancer so people would be nice and give you things even though you were healthy. I think you're nuts.

Sunday, June 15, 2008

A sigh of relief...

Followed by shouts of joy!!

Today was the last KIDstuf until September. It went pretty well- despite one of our tech men not showing up. I just can't wait until things are running the way they should. I have all summer now to get ahead and make things great.

Oh, Happy Father's Day Dad!


Andrea S.

I never had cold hands when you were around, I was afraid of the oven. You still don't know, but I didn't like to share.

Friday, June 13, 2008

Things people do when they think you aren't looking.

I find, being a natural observer, I see a great many things I don't think I'm supposed to. Some people do very strange things when they think no one is looking.

The other day I arrived early to pick up an order at the Dragon Fort. I have a book I leave in my car, as I have a habit of arriving places quite a bit early. As I sat there reading I noticed a man parked a few cars behind me. He was trimming his nose hair in the rear view mirror. All I could think about was where the hair was going. All over the center console and into his coffee cup? Yum.

Then there was the cashier at the gas station who had obviously not bought underwear in the correct size. She spent her shift er.. shifting them back to their original position, where they would remain for mere seconds before the process would start all over again.

A lesson to the masses....When you think no one is looking, check again.


Gwen T.

I remember the skit we did together for our acting badge in Girl Guides. You were the annoying passenger, and I was the ditsy stewardess.

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

By the way..

3 words does not make a sentence! Well, at least most of the time anyway.

I went to get my eyebrows done yesterday. I've been going to the same place for over a year now, and I'm usually able to get the same girl. She wasn't working yesterday. I had never met the girl who was able to take me, but I hoped it wouldn't be a problem. The 'Help Wanted' sign in the window should have been a clue. Employers looking to hire often get desperate when they are short staffed, and this seems to be the case here as well.

When she was ready for me I was not asked to follow her, or anything even similar. She waited until she caught my eye and then pointed to the chair. Okay, I thought, maybe she's not a chatty one. Now I'd say that was an understatement.

Eyebrow Girl: Clean them?

Me: I'm sorry?

EG: Clean them?

Me: Are you asking if I cleaned them? ( As she is reaching for a cotton ball and sanitizer) .

EG: *sigh* Do you want me to clean them up? ( Points to wax)

Me: Uh, yes. I believe that would be the point of my visit. ( No, I want you to get rid of them all together, take it all!)

EG: OK, finished

Me: You missed (pointing) here, here and here

EG: You didn't ask.

Me: Excuse me?

EG: People have to ask me.

Me: okay.. (waiting ) so.. can you do it?

EG: I guess

She better not wonder why there was no tip.


Tara W.

I would run so hard to pass you the baton, and we usually won, we were pretty good. I was jealous of your hair crimper.

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

You make my ears bleed

How do you go about telling someone who loves to sing that they shouldn't. ever. I was the passenger in a friends' car recently where I had a traumatizing experience. The radio was blaring, however I was unable to hear the song.

The real conversation

My Friend: Do you like this song? (Screaming along)

Me: I don't know ( looking out the window)

Friend: Really? I love this song ( Continues shrieking)

Me: Yeah ( shifting uncomfortably)

Friend: I know all the words ( Getting louder)

Me: I can hear that ( Sinking in my chair)

Friend: I know all the words to most songs actually. (finishes with flare)

*Song changes*

Friend: Do you like this song? ( falsifying vibrato)

Me: Sigh, sure (Promising myself I will never be a passenger with such little control ever again)

The version of the same conversation I had in my head

My Friend: Do you like this song? (Screaming along)

Me: I might if I could hear it (Plugging my ears)

Friend: Really? I love this song (Continues shrieking)

Me: I used to until your tone deaf version ruined it for me. ( Imagining ways to damage his vocal cords)

Friend: I know all the words (Getting louder)

Me: Actually you seem to know most of the words, I don't think those others are real words (Searching for escape)

Friend: I know all the words to most songs actually. (finishes with flare)

*Song changes*

Friend: Do you like this song?( falsifying vibrato)

Me: Sigh. I used to (Opening the door, hurling my self toward the suddenly appealing pavement)


Brian D.

I think it is something to do with the way you talk, but I've never really liked you. Santana always makes me think of you.

Monday, June 9, 2008


Michael C.

Your mom made the best ever strawberry-rhubarb muffins. I didn't even mind when you made me pay you with a kiss, I didn't tell.

Godzilla in the Oakanagan

For Fun Monday this week, we are supposed to be writing about our favorite childhood memory. This was surprisingly difficult for me, not because I have a difficult childhood, but quite the opposite. I have a lot of great memories from my early years, however none stick out as being heads and tails above the rest. I guess that means points for my parents.

I was able to pick out a particular place from my childhood that brought back may fond memories. When I was young we spent every summer up in Osoyoos. (I've alluded earlier to the adventures we had driving there.) We would take up the motor home and the boat and park it for two whole weeks at the same campsite in the same campground every summer. We made sure to go for the same two weeks every year as well, as did everyone we went with. After a few years of doing this we created ourselves a little community.

My memory comes from one summer in particular when I was 9 or 10. My dad took the girls (my sister, myself and our friends) out on the lake tubing. We had a great time and managed no injuries. Then my dad went back out with a couple of his friends. All the girls sat on the beach hoping to catch a glimpse of our dads tubing. What seemed like hours later, and was probably closer to 15 minutes we finally saw my dad's boat heading toward the beach for a fly-by. Instead of some old guy in the tube, Godzilla was behind the boat! My dad and his friends had found a 6 foot blow-up doll of Godzilla and strapped it to the tube. They pulled it behind the boat and went past all the beaches on the lake ( something like 15) eliciting screams from the water closest to the rope line, and giggles from the shore.

Yeah, my family knows how to have fun.

Oh, and by the way, you guys are so no fun! No one answers any of my interesting questions.

Friday, June 6, 2008

Theme Song

Every summer my family would make the 5 hour drive to our favorite camping spot. Before you keel over in surprise, know that camping to my family meant a fully equipped motor home. (come on, you really think I'd go camping??!) My dad and sister would drive the motor home up with the boat in tow. My mom and I would follow in the car. ( There had been a number of incidents in earlier years with things [wheels] flying off the boat trailer, so we decided to have mom following dad as to avoid the 3 hours spent looking for said things on the side of the highway).

Back to my original thought. Every year on the drive up, my mom and I would listen to the same tape by Barenaked Ladies. We knew every word to every song on that tape. In fact, one year we actually wore it out ( Don't worry, I went out and bought the CD). Our favorite song on that tape was the ever-popular "If I Had A Million Dollars". I have since been fascinated with that idea. What would I do if I had a million dollars?

At this point in my life, I would totally buy a house. A nice big house with a soaker tub in the master suite and a island in the kitchen. And you know what? That's about as far as a million dollars would go these days. The house itself probably wouldn't take the full million, but after I made it all pretty there would be peanuts left over. Living in a basement suite for the past 3 or 4 years has spurred much dreaming as far as a future house goes. You know what? I take it back. I wouldn't buy a nice big house, I'd build one! Now that would be sweet! Maybe next time we can chat about what one hundred million would buy.

But first, tell me what you would do with a million dollars. Post it and tag me!

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

The List

I'm going to assume that my blogging capabilities are not where they need to be for x365. But.. I'm going to do it anyways. It will be 365 posts, just in as many days as it takes. sSometimes there will be more than one in a day, and other times I may go a week with out one. Oh well.

Last week I told you about the lists we made when I was working at the video store. As embarrassing as this may be, I'm going to share my old guy list. What's the point of having a blog if you aren't going to embarrass yourself every once in a while. Gosh I love anonymity.

So, without further adieu... My List! ( In no particular order)

- Steven Tyler ( Aerosmith) ..remember, no criticizing!!
- Harrison Ford ( Indiana Jones)
- Richard Gere ( Pretty Woman)
- John Travolta ( Saturday Night Fever)
- Johnny Depp ( But only when he's cleaned up)
- Peirce Brosnan ( 007)
- Bruce Willis ( Armageddon)
- Kurt Russell ( Backdraft)
- Charlie Sheen ( Two and a Half Men)
- Robert Redford ( Up Close and Personal)

Ok, so now all of you need to tell me who your is on your older man or older women list!

Friday, May 30, 2008

Do I have what it takes?

I'm sure many of you have heard of the x365. It's this blogging challenge thing. You are supposed to write a short blog (with a word limit) about a different person you've met for 365 days. The word limit is supposed to have some sort of significance to you, like your age for example. Looking at my commitment level as it stands now, I'm not sure I'll be able to do it. Instead, I think I'm going to try and do one or two a week.... so like x52 or x104. we'll see how it goes. First, I'm going to try and come up with that many people to write about and post that, then I'll be forced to follow through 'cause everyone is going to want to know what I have to say about them. On second thought... maybe that's not the best idea.

For the past few days I've been trying to decide how I feel about this time of year. The weather can't seem to make up it's mind, so it keeps me on my toes. At work it feels like we coming down the final stretch... and I love it! Don't get me wrong, I enjoy what I do. It's just that since I started this 'new' job I've felt like I just can't catch up. Every week I am just managing to get the work done, and I'm the kind of person who likes to plan ahead. The middle school program is going smoothly, and I've managed to make some plans for next year already. It's KIDstuf that freaks me out! There is a lot of work to go into the set and the organization of it, but we're getting there.

This is what the stage looks like now. Any suggestions on what I can add to it? Or things I can change. It's a kids program, so I like to keep it bright and happy. We're going to expand the stage out to the side, and I'm going to add a bookshelf that acts as a secret entrance! Oh, and that cupcake looking picture frame, is actually a window. It's gonna have a slide coming out of it for next season. So what do you think?

We're going to see Indiana Jones tonight, so I'll let you all know what I think in the next few days. When I used to work at the video store, all the staff members would come up with lists. The girls would have lists of : Old Man Crushes, Actors your significant-other would allow you a one-night-stand with, and other girls you'd go for if you were a guy. I know, we had a lot time on our hands. Anyways, Harrison Ford was in my top five old man crushes. Number one was the older man that owned the IGA next door. The Hubby was a little weirded out by that one, and I guess there were all supposed to be celebrity crushes. Oooh, I'm going to post my lists!

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

I'm not keeping up!

Ok, so I missed Fun Monday two weeks ago 'cause it was a holiday here in good old Canada. But this week I have no excuse. Apparently the topic for yesterday was your best vacation ever!

I've been on a few good vacations, however only one so far in my adult life. For our honeymoon, the Hubby and I went to an all inclusive resort in Puerto Vallarta. I was great... for obvious reasons. We stayed for two whole weeks, spent every day either on the beach or by the pool. We wandered into town to check out the shopping scene. Oh! and I got a massage each week. It was so relaxing, and I came back super tanned!

The vacation I am most looking forward to is coming up in September! Myself and three friends are going to go on a road trip to California! We are taking 10 days to drive down, hit up all the theme parks, maybe sit in on the filming of Price Is Right or Ellen, and then drive home! We have already booked all the hotels and are not so patiently awaiting our departure date. Maybe I'll stalk Dad Gone Mad while I'm down there... I'll stake out his Starbucks....if I can figure out which one it is. Oh, now I sound creepy.

On to other things.

The Hubby has been demanding- I mean encouraging me to drink more water. You see, I have an addiction. It comes in a pastel blue can with fake little water droplets running down the side. It's called Diet Pepsi, or as my sister-in-law affectionately refers to it - cancer in a can. Ten years off the wagon, I haven't gone a day without a can, bottle or glass. Acknowledging that this may not be the best habit, I have conceded to drinking one glass of water for every can of DP, or cup of coffee ( An addiction we will have to discuss another day). I may have forgotten to mention the fact that I have a bladder the size of a walnut.

Tuesday mornings begin with an all-staff meeting. I began with a Grande sugar-free caramel americano. We break at about 10, and I took that opportunity to use the facilities and grab the obligatory bottle of water. ( into which I poured a single serving of Crystal didn't actually expect me to drink it plain did you?) It only took a matter of minutes for the bottle to empty, and I sat back with a proud little smirk on my face. The smirk quickly disappeared off my face as I realized the current state of my walnut-sized bladder. Can they over-flow? 'Cause I'm pretty sure that's what mine was doing.

I slunk out the back door of the board room and used the little girls room. Back in my chair I was quite content to have gone un-noticed. Until ten minutes later when I had to go again! I held it for as long as humanly possible, and then executed the same routine. Three times!!! Coffee and water... not good. Sorry Hubby, looks like I'm sticking to the DP!

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Top 4

I'm just copying now, but this looked like fun :P

The Faboulous Four

Four Jobs I've had:
1. Paper Carrier
2. Sandwich Artist
3. Entertainment expert ( I rented your videos to you)
4. Youth Pastor

Four Movies I've Watched More than once:
1. The Matrix
2. An American Tail
3. Princess Bride
4. X-Men

Four TV Shows I watch:
1. Grey's Anatomy
2. America's Next Top Model
3. House

Four Places I have Been:
1. Mexico
2. France
3. Italy
4. California

Four of My Favourite Foods:
1. Chocolate
2. Pasta
3. Pizza
4. Sushi

Four Places I would love to visit:
1. Greece
2. Ireland
3. Egypt
4. Japan

Hope that was interesting to you all!

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Prom Season

I love when other people give me ideas for things to write about. I was looking at Rude Cactus earlier today, and he challenged people to write about their prom memories. I went to two different "proms" throughout high school, although where I'm from we called them grads.

Grade 10 grad - aka Jr. Prom was more or less ridiculous. The only thing I really remember was where I got my dress, and how unbelievably awful it was. The new store in our mall at the time was Jacob, so I was adamant my dress came from there. It was floor length, some sort of spandex blend, black with tiny white polka dots, and had skinny little spaghetti straps. For those of you who don't already have the brutal visual, I'll add that I was a very busty 15 year old, just to throw you over the edge.

My only memory of the evening was at the restaurant. After whatever planned event the school had put on, a bunch of us girls went to the Cactus Club for a late night dinner. We spent the entire time flirting with the good looking servers assigned to our table. Keep in mind that we were all 15! We continued by getting all the 'boys' (I'm pretty sure they were all at least in their early twenties) to sign our napkins so that we could have a souvenir. I don't know how I wasn't mortified! I am now just writing about it.

Fast forward two years to my grade 12 grad. A lot more planning went into this one. We spent months driving to every city in the area trying to find the 'perfect dress'. A group of us got together, pooled our funds and booked a limo. The big day arrived and a friend and I spent the entire day at my aunt's spa getting our hair and make-up done. She and I are no longer friends so I don't feel so bad telling you she looked like a clown! I'm a pretty vocal girl, so I had no problem telling them what I did, or didn't like. She was a little insecure and didn't really speak up, so she ended up looking pretty brutal.

The limo made it's rounds and picked us all up before heading off to some park so the parents could all take pictures. We made it to the hotel ballroom, only to have to stand around outside for more pictures. The dinner was okay, nothing special. There was very little dancing, a lame slideshow put on by student council ( aka - no one anyone knew was in it) and then two of our friends got engaged. Yeah, at 17. We had an hour between events so we went downtown, and the newly engaged stood our the sun roof of our limo cheering and hollering and whatever excited teenagers do.

The next event was a boat cruise. I don't know how we survived. One level had a painfully bad DJ and a dance floor. The other had karaoke and a temporary tattoo station. Ha. Oh, and you had to pay extra for everything. You wanted a a pretty little butterfly on your ankle, extra. You wanted to sing karaoke, extra. You wanted a water from the juice bar, extra. I had a bunch of friends who had chosen that evening to experiment with E, so let's just say I was loved.

When the boat finally docked, our groups decided to skip the school sponsored breakfast (cafeteria eggs- blech) and opted to Denny's instead. I should have given more of a lead up to this one, but I'll just flat out tell you that our limo driver what a total creep. While we were on our cruise he was picking up other people and doing who-knows-what in the back of the limo. He was also very interested in all us pretty girls. When we got to Denny's he followed us in, took off his shirt so he was wearing a dirty white tank top, and proceeded to join us at the table! Everyone else was all creeped out, but I just told him to leave. He didn't exactly go willingly. This guy was our ride home....

The best part about our grad weekend? No more school!

Anyone else have any good prom/grad stories. I know mine was a little long and detailed, so deal with it!

Monday, May 12, 2008

Fun Monday

I mentioned earlier that I was excited about this Fun Monday. Now that's it's here I'm having the usual issues remembering all the lovely things I was going to write.

This week Fun Monday is hosted by Sauntering Soul

I know we all try to be sweet and kind to people the majority of the time. But let's face it....we also know that sometimes we can be a big jerk. It could be that you experience road rage from time to time. Perhaps you empty the coffee pot at work some mornings and don't feel like taking the time to start a new pot for the next person. Or maybe you don't return phone calls on a timely basis when you know someone needs a response from you. Have you ever "accidentally" ruined a favorite shirt of your spouse just because you didn't care for it? Come on - it's confession time! List the small things you do that make you a jerk and elaborate just a bit on each one. Please tell me I'm not the only jerk around here!

Let's get started!

1. Movie Store Jerk
When I used to work at video rental place, I had plenty of opportunity to be a jerk. And by that I mean there are so many ignorant, rude, intolerable people out there that make it easy to dislike them. First there would be the people who would walk in and demand I go find their movie for them.... for them I would wander the store for a few moments and return with a sad face telling them the movie was all out : ( I'm sure it was probably out there and if they had bothered to look for themselves they would have been able to go home and watch it.

Then there are the ones who would be rude and condescending for no good reason. I "forgot" to take the locks off their rentals before they left, just so they would have to come back and yell some more.

And I can hardly forget the regulars who would demand you check the drop off bin for them, just in case someone might have dropped off the movie that everyone else in the store has already asked for. I would of course diligently check both drop off bins, taking out all the rental cases recently dropped off, and accidentally missing the copy or two of the one they were looking for, only to go back and get it the moment they huffed away for the one person who had managed an ounce of patience while I served the customers ahead of them.

And last but not least, for the customer who would talk on their cell phone while throwing their video across the counter for you to deal with, I would play " I don't speak sign language" until they got off their cell phones long enough to give me the courtesy of a moment of their attention.

2. Driving Jerk

When people follow too closely behind for my comfort, I slow down below the speed limit until the clue in and back off. I like to drive fast, don't get me wrong, but when the guy behind me is so close that I can't even see his headlights, he needs to back the frick off!

3. Restaurant Jerk

When we go out to dinner, I have very low demands. However, if we get bad service I don't just give a lower tip... I don't tip at all! I don't tolerate rudeness very well..... just wait till I'm a mom!

4. Daughter Jerk

When I was a teen, if my mom asked me to do something I didn't want to I would always pretend I didn't hear her. Unfortunately for me, my husband also knows that game very well...

I'm sure I have a bunch more up my sleeve, but we'll leave it at that for tonight :)

Thursday, May 8, 2008

Anger and Frustration

So, I'm using this new program at work to go with my awesome new computer. This program will eventually make my days significantly easier. In the meantime, it's driving me crazy!!! There is always a learning curve when you start to use a new software, and it's not even that difficult. The frustrating part is that I need to master it by Sunday!! Yeah, so that's what I did all day today, and that's what I'll be doing for the majority of tomorrow.

My super talented sister may be moving to Japan in October because, well, she's amazing. She's a pastry chef currently specializing in Chocolate art... I know, I wish I were her. Anyways, she's being more or less recruited to go to Tokyo on a year contract to work with some famous chef. She's pretty pumped.

Layla is being a brat and frustrating me, so I'm off.

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Fun Monday

Yes, I realize that it is Wednesday. However, Monday was my anniversary and I was just a little distracted. Therefore, I am trying to play catch up just a little bit. I figure if I can do Fun Monday today, I'll be ready for it next Monday when it comes up right? I'm already excited about next weeks topic. But! This week is where we're at, so on with the show!
Tell me about the Super Hero in your life. Not from TV, but anyone that has been or is in your life that you have really looked up to or has made a impact on your life. It can one or many. You can share pictures if you like. Just have fun with it.

Hosted by kitten's homeschool

Right, so my Hero?

These guys :
And these Girls:

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Happy Anniversary!

So, yesterday was more or less the best day ever!

I started off the day by sleeping in until 9am!! 9am people! It was beautiful. I sent the hubby off to work ( yes, he starts late, slacker) and took my time showering and getting ready to go out. I ran a few errands, grabbed a good coffee and enjoyed the rest of my morning. At 2 in the afternoon I went to pick the Hubby up from work for the surprise! We went to the European Day Spa for a massage ( best ever!) and then a pedicire ( have have pink toes, with a little white flower). The whole treatment took 2 1/2 hours! (Even Hubby liked the whole thing!) That was time and money well spent. And we're going back next month for some special deal to help training the newbies.

Oh, I forgot to tell you about my trip to get coffee. I pulled up to Starbucks, and as I was getting out of my car I notices something in the window of the store next door. I went right in (EB games) and bought Mario Kart for Wii!!! I have been waiting for this game and didn't even realize it had come out!

So back to my story. We came home from our spa day and played a few rounds of Mario Kart. Then we went to our favorite sushi place for dinner, and it was amazing! Way more than we could eat. After dinner was the movie, Iron Man! I was a little skeptical going into it, but man was it good! It had all the elements of a super hero / comic book movie. There was the typical action, suspense, love story and some pretty good humor. I was pleased. Oh, and if you plan to see it still, make sure you stay until the end of the credits. It's a short little thing, but worth it. We finished off our adventure with a pair of brownie Iced Caps at Tim Horton's, and then headed back home for more Mario Kart. We were up until almost 1:30... which wasn't so good for me this morning. But I survived as you can see.

Sunday, May 4, 2008

I'm Winning!

I would like to take this opportunity to tell my Smelly... "I'm Winning!" For those of you in the dark, I'll have to tell you a little story.

Once upon a time, something like 4 years ago, I made a bet. My best friend and I were both getting a little on the chubby side, so we decided that it would be easier to slim down if we made it a competition. It wasn't. Neither of us really went anywhere. He blamed it on work and other stuff. I just didn't really give it a good run. Surprisingly, we have both on occasion renewed the bet. (oh yeah, the winner has to take the looser out for dinner.... counter-productive? So what?!) One of us always claims to be winning every time we talk, although usually neither of us are.

Fast forward to a year ago. I got married, gained more than I had ever lost, am not happy with it. This time around I have actually decided to do something about it. On a side note, my husband is tall and thin. read:very fit! When we got married he ended up loosing more than I had gained. We decided to get back in shape together. He started going back to the gym ( having quit shortly before we got married) and so did I. Now I cook 95% of meals and even pack lunches! Yeah, he's gained back about half the weight and I've lost the same. I've decided not to stop at getting back to where I was... as that's when the whole bet started. I've got a loooong way to go, BUT!!! I've already lost a quarter of the total I want to loose!!! That's right, I'm 25% done!

So Smelly.... you better get to work if you want to catch up!

In other news, it was Layla's birthday yesterday. She got a new toy and treats. The Hubby wanted to know how that made it different than any other day... I pretended not to hear.

Also something sad. My mom came out for a visit this afternoon which was great, until she told me about Fritz. Max and Fritz were my sister and my cats when we were little. We went to the SPCA and picked them out ourselves. Max (my cat) got sick a few years ago and had to be put down. Fritz ( my sister's) seemed to be doing really well until last year when he started having seizures. He didn't have them too often, but his health really started to deteriorate in general. They had to take him to the vet to be put to sleep on Thursday. He was almost 20!

On to happier topics. This time tomorrow I will be relaxed and have pretty toes! I can't wait for my massage!

Three things:
1. Pedicures and Massages in one afternoon!
2. Visiting with the Fam.
3. No rain so far today :)

Wednesday, April 30, 2008

So much for following through..

Ok, so I was going to do Fun Monday this week... But it wasn't really do-able. You see the task was to describe your favorite walk, either in pictures or in words. And granted I could have done it in words, but it just wouldn't have done the view justice. You see, my favorite walk is any walk where the view is Layla's little tushy. I love to walk with her, but by the time I got home Monday night it was already getting dark, and even a little bit rainy. I'm a little bit of a whiner...can you tell? In any case, I've already wrecked the trend I was hoping to start. I won't give up though! I will persevere! You love it.

Well people, now you get to hear about all the things I am excited about. Like the fact that I am getting a new computer for work tomorrow!!! I have been waiting and waiting and waiting... ok not thaat long, you can take off one of the waitings. The computer I am currently using works just fine.. until the battery dies. And if you are wondering that takes approximately 3 minutes. It wouldn't be so bad if I could just plug it in and keep going, but the battery doesn't recognize the charger. Sometimes, on the rare occasions it does manage to connect, I get to use my computer and it makes me happy.

Also, Monday is the Hubby and my One Year Anniversary! I know, so long right? We've each planned a portion to the date day and my half is gonna be great. I've got the first half of the afternoon. At 2:30 we are going to the spa for a couples massage and then a pedicure. He needs the second one cause he can't reach his toes since the surgery and I'm not a huge fan of man feet. It's a surprise so he still doesn't know! It's two and a half hours long ( blissful sigh ) and then it's his turn. He is making reservations at some fancy restaurant and then we are going to go see a movie we have both been waiting for. Iron Man!!! I know, you'd think this is beneath me, but i loooove all those super hero/ comic book movies. I never got into any of that as a kid, so I have to get it all out of my system now. The next few days are looking pretty good from where I'm sitting!

Three Things ( I know, I've been neglecting you)
1. One year of being a pair
2. Apple ( including the iPhone coming to Canada!!!)
3. Happy thoughts :)

Monday, April 21, 2008

Fun Monday?

Ok, so as I have been lurking the blogosphere (is that a word? I think I read it somewhere) I have discovered this thing called Fun Monday. Someone picks a topic or asks a questions and everyone else posts in response. You are supposed to link back to the original post so that everyone knows who posted and can read yours...but I'm not going to just yet. Give me a few weeks and lets see if I can keep this up before I make myself known to the internet.

Go here to read about Fun Mondays

So here is the question:
What have you done in your life that was worth doing? I want to know the moments in your life that you hope will be the ones to pass through your mind when your time comes. I hope that doesn't sound too morbid. This doesn't necessarily have to be items you have checked off your Bucket List, it can be those small moments that made you smile, or the time you got that huge promotion you deserved, or the first time your baby smiled at you out of pure joy. I want to know all the moments, big and small, that make life sweet!

When I think about the things that will likely go screaming across my mind in THE END, very few of them are the things I've done "worth doing". The majority are those I experienced as a result of another's kind heart.

I would think of all the beer league baseball games my mom and I went to and watched my dad. The time I scraped my knee on the sidewalk and the loud and crazy lady with the St. Bernard that even though she played waaay out in the field you could always hear her, got out the team's first aid kit and bandaged my 'wound'. Or the way it felt when Oli would give me airplane rides in the middle of the field. Maybe when they let me be the team's bat girl, even though I wasn't as fast as some of the boys who wanted to do it.

I would remember every detail of my wedding day. Now that was something worth doing.

I would remember long talks and late nights with Smelly.

I would remember Short Buddy Hugs.

I would remember the smells. The smell of the cologne my dad has worn since I was a kid. Hang Ten and Febreeze. Hawaiian Ginger. Campfire.

I would remember the way it felt sleeping in a cabin, or on a trampoline under the stars.

I would remember the Views. Eagle Mountain, Westminster Abby, Thank you Smell.

I will remember laughs. The BURST, the silent shaker, and the squeaky fan...

I will remember the smiles most of all.

Wow, this better be one heck of a looong 'moment'. Either that, or I'll just spend eternity with these on my mind... yeah, that would be okay too.

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Who me?

It seems as though I have been a great big slacker pants. For that I apologize. You see, my computer at home has been so slow that it can no longer keep up with my mediocre typing speed. I will be typing away and check to make sure I've phrased something correctly only to find that my screen is still a few lines back! It's not so awesome. So instead I'm blogging at work... so yup, still a slacker pants.. just not with my blog :)

Let me let you in on a few great things I've discovered recently:

1. Sugar free caramel. I'm all lactose and whatnot, so I've stopped having milk in my coffee. This also means that everything I enjoyed at Starbucks is no longer drinkable. Sugar Free Caramel to the rescue! I was afraid that I wouldn't be okay with the bitterness of black coffee, and I had long ago given up on sugaring my coffee. Now my drink of choice? Grandé Sugar Free Caramel Americano. Mmmmm

2. Hummus. I know, sounds gross right? But, the whole non-dairy side of my personality has clashed with the loves veggies and dip side of my personality. So, I put my 5 years of schooling to use and we had a mediation. The result-Hummus. It's wonderful and healthy even! I have even inspired a number of co-workers to rush out and purchase some before it's all gone.

3. Google Reader. My evening routine used to go like this. Get home from work, make dinner, watch token show of occasional interest, spend hoooouuurrs flipping from bookmark to bookmark just in case someone I may or may not know had the time to update their blogs while I was slaving away at work. Now me evening routine looks like this. Get home, make and eat dinner, watch token show of occasional interest, read a book or something because now that I have Google reader I do nothing but read blogs all day long as they pop up on my desktop, get bored of reading a book and search for more blogs to add to my subscriptions. Wonderful,isn't it?

4. Ebay. Long, looong ago I became a movie love. My sister and I have since fostered an obsession with certain 'family' movies from the eighties. These movie ( minus one) were all available on eBay! Yes that's right folks, I am the proud owner of a "Mac and Me', "Flight of the Navigator" , and " Harry and the Hendersons". The only one I was looking for that I wasn't able to get a hold of was "The Peanut Butter Solution" and that's only because it hasn't been released on DVD yet. But as soon as it does, it will find it's way into my collection. Oh, and there's "The Goonies". but I can get that at Rogers now that's it's been re-released :)

Sunday, March 9, 2008


Many of you may not know this, but I'm a really big movie buff. I like just about any type of movie, as long as it's quality.

Today, the Hubby and I went and saw Jumper. Over all I give it a B-. I enjoyed the movie, however there were sooo many pieces missing to the plot. There was no back story, however we were supposed to believe in a century long rivalry. The love story didn't develop, it just happened. And the ending screamed sequel....but there was nothing to back that up. I know I'm being vague, but I don't want to give away too many details. Also, the lead female character was flat. She knows how to play one roll and one roll only. There was absolutely no depth to her character. I won't even go into all the plot lines that didn't go anywhere... really, they just dropped right out of the movie. I guess when you have 5 or 6 plot lines in one movie, a few of them a bound to suffer.

All that being said, there was a great deal to enjoy. I know, complicated right? The concept was fantastic! And all the special effects were breathtaking! The supporting male was this witty little British guy that you can't help but love. Wow, it's so much easier to describe all the poor aspects to a movie. The good ones always come out as... "It was so good!" I''l have to work on my descriptive abilities.

Thursday, February 28, 2008


Things that make me angry:

1. Bad Drivers- This one I will refer to regularly, have no fear. I don't get why there are just so many of them! ( the voice inside my head goes " why are there so many stupid people? maybe there's a correlation...)

2. The few truckers that give all the rest a bad name. My best friend drives truck. He is a good driver. I have gone along for many an adventure. Today as I was approaching an intersection, a driver pulling a 50' trailer begins to turn left across my lane. He waves at me to stop as I am already screeching to a halt a couple of feet away from the passenger door of the cab. Um.... hello? I forgot... when you are that big you make up your own right of way. Grr..

3. Not being able to use a big garbage can. What the stink!? Our garbage can was apparently too big.... so they left it; and all the garbage inside of it. I'm gonna saw it in half.

4. Blisters. I have on on the bottom of my foot because I went for a long walk today in skate shoes.

5. Being cranky. I would much rather be happy.

Regardless, 3 Things I am thankful for:
1. Two days off in a row starting tomorrow.
2. 10 pounds lighter
3. Diet Pepsi

Thursday, January 10, 2008

In Review

1. What did you do in 2007 that you’d never done before?

I got married... never done that before

2. Did you keep your new year’s resolutions, and will you make more for next year?

I didn't make any last year. Didn't make any this year either.

3. Did anyone close to you give birth?

Nope, no new babies!

4. Did anyone close to you die?


5. What countries did you visit?

I went to Mexico for the first time ever. And to the US for the billionth time..

6. What would you like to have in 2008 that you lacked in 2007

Have? A house. But that's going to have to wait till 2012 I think.

7. What dates from 2007 will remain etched upon your memory, and why?

May 5 - My wedding day :) How cheesy am I??

8. What was your biggest achievement of the year?

Graduating!! Even though I refused to participate in the ceremony. (It was full of one- year- certificate wielding 19 year olds)

9. What was your biggest failure?

Letting my attitude sour over poor working conditions.

10. What was the best thing you bought?

My Car!! My pretty Fiji Blue Baby!

11. Whose behavior merited celebration?

Mark- he's growing into one heck of a man.

12. Whose behavior made you appalled and disgusted?

The friend who showed up high to our wedding...

13. What song will always remind you of 2007?

I Believe In A Thing Called Love- The Darkness

14. What do you wish you’d done more of?

A lot of things. I wish I had spent more time loving on people. Dancing. Praying.

15. What do you wish you’d done less of?

Worrying. Being frustrated.

16. Did you fall in love in 2007

Yes. With Layla our pretty little puppy.

17. What was your favorite TV program?

Oh gosh, I don't know! How I met your Mother, Heroes, Smallville, Gilmore Girls....

18. What was the best book you read?

Ahh Just one!! Not possible. The Traveler by John Twelve Hawkes, Any of the Dean Koontz or J.D. Robb books I read.

19. What one thing would have made your year measurably more satisfying?

Slowing down long enough to enjoy it.

20. How would you describe your personal fashion concept in 2007

If it fits, I'll wear it.

21. What kept you sane?

My Hubby, My Short Buddy (got me through the wedding!) And being able to laugh at myself.

22. Who did you miss?

My hubby- every two week trip he was on. Plus a plethora of friends I didn't make enough time for.

23. Who was the best new person you met?

Um. Steven. One of the coolest guys I know. I bet he doesn't even know it.

24. Tell us a valuable lesson you learned in 2007

I don't wanna.

Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Happy New Year!

This is the exciting post were I get to tell you all about the exciting things I got people for Christmas. But first I have to tell you a sad story.

I was looking at this clothing site online, and found the best ever shirt for my Short Buddy. It was perfect, I couldn't have come up with something better myself. So I went about ordering it, but they can't ship outside the US. I was discouraged, but then I was talking to a co-worker who told me that I could get it sent to the letterlock just across the border. So I got the address and attempted to order it again.... but I also needed an american credit card- which I didn't have. In a desperate attempt to make it happen, I e-mailed the company to see if I could make it work. A lovely gentleman e-mailed me back almost immediately and offered to help me figure things out. We used my paypal account (which I hadn't used in years and had almost forgotten about!) and set it all up. It went to the letterlock and it took me all of 20 minutes to zip across and grab it. Yay!!! It was perfect!!

Now, it comes to Christmas time. I've wrapped it and placed it under the tree, but Short Buddy is away for the week. No problem. She comes back, we make plans to go out for lunch...the day comes and the fabulous amazing present is no where to be found!!! Sigh

Anyways. Other things turned out great. I got my hubby a bunch of Hockey paraphernalia. I got this one shirt specially made. It says Hockey Fan on the front, and the back has our last name across the top with his # under it. He was pretty psyched. I also got him a vintage Detroit hoodie with the lace up neck. It's pretty much awesome.

I got Smelly these two t-shirts, one says "It's a redhead thing, you wouldn't get it" and the other says "Yes, it's natural" on the front, and then "No, I won't prove it" On the back. He liked them :)

My sister in law is a super hockey player, but she's been getting a little girlier since I started hanging around. I got her a long sleeve white shirt that has a pair of beaten up hockey skates on it, beside it says "my other dress shoes". It was awesome!!

There's a bunch more, but I won't go into it now. Christmas was good. We brought Layla with us to my parents, she was spoiled.
That is the Candy Cane bone she got in her stocking.

Then we went to my big family event. My Grandma knits, and she's really good at it. When I was little she used to make clothes for my barbies! Amazing right? Well this year, she made Layla two little sweaters.... heheh
The Hubby and I had decided not to make her wear little outfits and dress her up, but we put them on her so that we could take a few pictures and send them to Grandma. But she really liked them. She keeps picking them up and bringing them over to me to put on her.... The black one is her favorite. This is going to haunt me isn't it.