Tuesday, November 4, 2008


Alright, so here is the trip run down you have all been waiting for.

We took three days to make the drive down to LA. It was only 21 hours of driving time... the rest of those three days...shopping. Soo much shopping! I LOVE outlet malls! My husband loves nice clothes he doesn't have to shop for. It's a win-win situation.

The adventure all started when my SIL suggested we take a trip down to California to visit family and maybe check out Six Flags. It turned into an amazing all girls theme park, shopping, exploring adventure. It was fantastic. Four of us piled into my car and drove for hours on end. I loved it. Don't get me wrong, I wanted to strangle every one of them by the end of the trip, but I'd do it again. I love the three girls I went with. They made me feel old though. I was the only married one. I was the only one over 21. I was the only one without an N (driving restriction here in BC for all those far away readers). I was the only one without a $500 credit limit.

I may have been old, but I was no chicken when it came to theme parks! I have pretty severe vertigo that kicks in when I 'fall' or do the straight drop rides, so I avoided the Tower Of Terror. Everything else was game though. X2 at Magic Mountain was great, gave me a massive headache though.

More later!

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