Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Beautiful Weekend

This past weekend was preciously looong. I usually work Sunday to Thursday so I have Friday and Saturday off. With the Holiday on Tuesday I decided to switch the next week around a little as to have Monday and Tuesday off as well. It was almost a 5 day weekend, but I still had to be at work Sunday. Oh well. It was fantastic regardless.

Friday started off as usual. I didn't get to sleep in because Layla was ready to get up as soon as the Hubby did. Not too bad. I watched Grey's Anatomy from the night before ( thank you Hubby, I love to Tivo!) and then did a little work, but only of the e-mailing in my pj's sort of work. I was planning on driving out to my parents in the afternoon so I took a nice long shower, took my time getting ready, and then made the drive to my parents house by 2. They are trying to sell their house (great timing :P) so there was a showing at 3. I had to be out of there during the showing, and they were still at work so I went to the 'mall' I used to go to as a kid to browse the bookstore and kill some time.

Wholly crap things have changed. My little mall is now a shopping utopia. There were more shops than people, ok, that's not possible. There may have been a million people shoved into that mall. I used to whine and complain about how much I missed my city life. I grew up just outside Vancouver. When I moved to 'the city in the country' I was miserable with the slow paced, laid back crap. I wanted the buzz of the city. I still miss it, don't mistake my rant here. I love to sit back and watch people make fools of themselves when they think no one is looking. I love the sound of a busy road. I love the smell of a sidewalk vendor.

Simply put, I can't believe it changed without me :( I'm stuck in the booneis where the smells are cow crap, the sounds are dulled, and the people: well let's just say there's enough stupid to go around. And I don't even live in farm country! "The city in the country". Ha! We're getting there, it's not as bad as 8 years ago when I moved out here.

Aaaanyways. Back to my fabulous weekend. I wandered Chapters, bought a 'small stack' (we'll use my definition here, it was small... really!) of books and made an attempt at wandering the mall. It's difficult to wander when you either move with the flow of traffic or get run over. Since I had no specific destination in mind, I retreated back to my car and read until the friend I was meeting was done class and we could go for coffee. You know how good it is to spend time with someone you've known forever. Even if you don't see eachother often it's so easy to slip back into a rythym of conversation. We didn't even get to spend that much time together, but it was good.

I'm taking too long to write all of this, at this point no one cares to finish the rest. Quickly then. Saturday was a FULL DAY AT THE SPA with my mom. *sigh of contentment* It was amazing, and I have the softest everything. oh, and then I got to go out for dinner with some family for my cousin's birthday. It was good times.

Sunday I worked. woo.

Monday and Tuesday I sat around. That's it. It was beautiful.

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Becs said...

That sounds like a great weekend! I to be doing the same sort of things this weekend!