Wednesday, September 26, 2007

I'm a Genius!

I'm pretty impressed with myslef right now, and not just because I was able to spell genius. I really like to create edible works of art. Not necessarily of the visually stimulating variety, more the makes-your-mouth-water-from-a-mile-away kind. Yesterday I had fun making dinner. At my cousins wedding a few weeks back they had these potatoes that still make my stomache grumble in anticipation. Brandon is also a potato monger. Therefore I took it upon myself to re-create the wondrous potatoes. They were like mashed potatoes rolled into little potatoey balls, seasoned and then baked to a crispy perfection. So that's what I did. Except I added a little cheese to the mashy part. Needless to say, they were amazing.

Today I made rice krispy squares with chocolate chips. Mmmmmm. I'm pretty sure all the females in my family have this weird gene. My mom is always calling me with new things she's created and the I just HAVE to try. So I usually do, and they are always amazing. And my sister is a pastry chef...need I say more? Check back in a few years, my husband will be fat as a testament to my culinary mastery.

On another note, the vote is less than a week away :S Everyone at the church is overwhelmingly confident that I have the job, which is good I guess cause they will be the ones voting. My manager at rogers just found out that I will probably be leaving. She has known for a long time that it's coming so it's not a surprise, I guess she just thought she'd have more time to find a replacement. I almost feel bad, she's going to have a really rough time keeping things going when I go. I'm pretty sure she still has no idea how much I actually do, since I've been doing it before she even started. When Jax quit i picked up most of the slack, but who's going to do it when I go? Well, I guess it won't be my problem... sigh

Three things:
1. Puppy training tonight!
2. No more trips ever!! He's my husband full time now :)
3. 5 DAYS!!!

Saturday, September 22, 2007


I don't know what to think. You know when something happens to a good friend and you just don't know what to say to them. It dosen't matter if it's a good or bad thing, just that it leaves you utterly speechless, and thoughtless for that matter.

Something monumental happened yesterday. I cleaned my house. Not just tidied, but really cleaned. Washed floors, scrubbed toilets, the whole shebang. I was proud. Now my goal is to see how long I can keep it looking this way. The goal is to keeo it clean at least until Brandon can see it. Yeah, I know he comes home tomorrow :)

There are too many half-thoughts in my head and none of them are making their way all the way out. My apologies.
Maybe if someone commented at least once I'd feel compelled to continue writing. Yes, this is a guilt trip.

Three Things:
1. 9 Days!
2. I'll have a hubby tomorrow!
3. My Short Buddy

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

And then?

I've been looking at buying a new car for a few months now. We're just waiting till it is financially wise to do so. We may have waited too long :( The car I want is the Civic Sedan, in FIJI BLUE. You know what? The 2008 model does not come in FIJI BLUE! So either I pray that a 2007 model in FIJI BLUE is still available, or i sacrifice my desire for an attractive vehicle. I might as well get a yaris or an echo! My heart is breaking...

On another note, the vote has been a day. Apparently the moderator is unavailable as are some other very important people. I think I can handle it..... I hope I can. So far everyting has been very encouraging. The staff are fantastic, and the people I met on Sunday are great. I just hope they feel the same way about me.

Layla is staring at me from accross the room begging me to let her into the bedroom so she can go to bed. I want to sleep in tomorrow, just a little, so I'm keeping her up a little longer. This isn't cruelty is it? I have to go to day 3 of puppy training with out my hubby tomorrow and I am not looking forward to it. There is this woman who brings her St. Bernard puppy, well that's what she tells us anyways, I'm pretty sure it's a baby bear or something. In any case, this woman makes no effort to control her dog. The dog is big, granted, but you are bigger lady!! This dog, tiny ( I know, i rolled my eyes too) has taken an interest in Layla. He likes to put her head in his mouth. Yup, the whole thing. So I'm trying to wrestle playfull "tiny" off of my 10 pound pug and she pretends to look the other way. I'm looking at her like "HELLO??? this is your drool machine here!! Deal with it please!" I finally manage to pluck my dogs head from his enormous jaws and he promptly steals Layla's toy. Likley because his owner brought nothing for him. She looks at me and says "It's okay, he can have it." I'm sorry, but I'm not really worried about your dogs welfare at this point. Layla and I made a fantastic team thought. She pranced infront of him long enough to get his attention while I quickly grabbed the newly forgotten toy...dripping with foreign dog drool. I am moving to the other side of the room this week.

As is common in many brave women, I am terrified of spiders. My husband finds this unfortunatly comical. He will come and kill the spider, providing that it "causes a direct threat", I believe that was the phrase he used. Fine, in the mean time I have my own spider killer....or eater anyways, for the ones that simply bother me by their very existence. She's had her head enveloped by a St. Bernard, I've gained confidence in her spider hunting skills. There is one less spider in my office tonight :)

three things:
1. My Spider Hunter
2. 5 more days till my love returns from NY
3. 13 DAYS!!!!

Sunday, September 16, 2007


Sometimes I think I've read words in books or heard them used by a friend with an abnormally large vocabluary, but really I've just made them up. I'm okay with that.

So this weekend was the weekend. Well the first of three that will discern my future. I had to share about myself in all three services. The first was comical purely becuase I had to work at Rogers all evening. Ten minutes before it was my turn to speak, I was supposed to take my break and book it over there. I got there, jumped on stage and shared my life story in under five minutes, and did my best to speak at a speed that would make it audible to those in the congregation. Success!

And then there was this morning. I woke up at 8 an hour before I was supposed to be there, 9am. Debated wearing the same thing as the evening before ( I did... it was nice). Fed the puppy and headed out. We pulled into the parking lot and I turned to Brandon and asked "why aren't there any people getting out of there cars?" In fact there weren't any people in the parking lot at all. I stole a glance at the church sign and saw SUNDAY MORNING SERVICES 8:30 and 11. 8:30!!!! We parked the car and rushed into the church. The Sr. pastor was speaking which meant I had missed my window. I could feel my phone vibrating in my purse and thought ' who would be calling me right now?' Yeah, it was the church basically going WHERE ARE YOU??

We did get things sorted out and I was able to speak, although everyone in there knew I missed the original time. Sigh. Oh well, lets just hope they loved me anyway. By the third time around I was all good. That worked out nicely, mostly because there were more people in that service than the other two combined.

Three things:
1. pooping on the paper
2. an afternoon off
3. 14 DAYS!!

Friday, September 14, 2007


Cute right? And she's all mine.

I made a stoup tonight. My sister would be so disappionted in me :( I love Rachel Ray...mostly cause she's a little ridiculous and just a bit that she makes really easy dinners. Like the Stoup. Except that her recipe said 4 Servings. If we were bears maybe. We're gonna be eating this thing for weeks! Was it any good? Well that's why I said weeks and not days...... It was okay, but I'm not ready to dive back in just yet. But I still love her!

Today was the big scary meet the core leadership team day. I was probably the most aprehensive about the fact that it was ay 7:30 am....yup AM. However I had two cups of coffee and I was good to go......for days I'm sure. Just wind me up and watch me go. One of the members of the team compared me to a jack in the box....somebody tell me that's a good thing.... I can't help that I'm energetic. hahah It sort of explodes from within ;)

Aaaanyways. The point of all that was to share the update. Apparently they have signed off on my candidacy, and I will be speaking to the ENTIRE CHURCH during ALL THREE services this weekend :s I'm really glad public speaking doesn't terrify me. Cause this would be a good time for that to come out. In any case, things are going well so far :) The giddiness even stretched on for at least half of my Rogers shift.
P.S. I've started counting the days... there's 16 of them. Then I will know!!!

Three things:
1. I had just enough time to myself today and it felt good:)
2. My husband just reached over to touch me so that I would "know you were me"
3. 16 Days!!!!!!

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

My First Comment

Thank you Christine :)

So today is day two of puppy training. We signed up for an eight week puppy training course through petsmart. So far it's great. The first class the trainer did a lot of talking and all 4 dogs got a little restless, but by the end of the class we had little Layla trained to "look" whenever we wanted. Food is an amazing motivator. I can't wait to get to all the good stuff, like "sit" "roll over" " shut-up" and any other jems they've got. She seems to like it too, she's the only girl in the class and it's funny how all the other dogs seem to be distracted by her very presence.

I'm meeting with the core leadership team ( slash elders) on Friday morning so that they can give the go ahead on the candidating process. They also have me taking a personallity profile... I love doing those things! (But don't tell, I don't want to look like a total nerd, I am trying to get the job...) The entire staff has taken them so they want me to have mine done already if I get to join the team :) They've set a date for the vote now, September 30th. I'll try and remember to let my public ( that's you ) know how it goes asap, I know you'll be on the edge of your seat waiting to find out. I'm pretty much going to go crazy by then. I'm invited to a few events between now and then so that the congregation can get to know me bofore deciding my fate. It will also give me the opportunity to check them out a little bit. In any case, things are moving along just swell.

Three things:
1. Puppy Training
2. Home made hamburgers
3. Brandon's trip has been shortened to 6 days!

Monday, September 10, 2007

Anger and Frustration!!

My mom would understand what that meant.

When I'm finished work on Saturday night, I want to fild my uniform, detatch the plethora of keys from my keychain and leave them on the counter. And never come back. Not even to rent movies. I'd go to the sumas store where some of the staff are competent and the selection is greater.

I'm pretty sure dogs have some sort of sixth sense. A feeling one. They always know just when to attack you with puppy kisses. Sure, you might be a little wetter, and a little stickier, but you'll also be a little smilier.

Three things I'm thankful for:

1. A husband that goes out of his way to make me smile

2. Puppy kisses

3. September 30th

Friday, September 7, 2007

Three things I'm thankful for:

1. Getting enough sleep
2. Puppy Training at PetSmart
3. That my Hubby will only be going on one more trip EVER ( he got the job!! )

My eyes are tired

So, still waiting on the job at the church. I went to a staff meeting earlier this week and they were fantastic! Everyone had a very playful spirit, and made me feel super welcome. I'm scared to hope for this, but I really want it!

On another note, I am spoiled....rotten.... It was my birthday a week ago, and everyone i know just spoiled me. My Husband ( the most wonderful man in the world) showered me with gifts, one of which was of the expensive diamond variety :) My parents paid for everything we did last weekend. My dad even came along to a chick flick cause my mom and I wanted to see it. Both him and Brandon casually leaned over during the previews and made similar comments to the effect of "wake me up if I snore too loud". But that did not break our spirits. Mom and I were determined to enjoy that movie if it killed us. Speaking of which, it almost did. The Nanny Diaries, yeah, not so cute and funny. The key ingredients to a chick flick, cute and funny with a romantic something-or-other. All those things were there, but it was like someone forgot to turn up the heat on it. In any case, we gushed about the cute little boy and crazy mom until we were alone in the car later that evening and could divulge our true feelings without the fear of ridicule from our respective husbands.

Brandon's not a huge reader, which gives me far too much freedom to disclose the intimate details of our relationship. But really, who wants to hear that we spent almost our entire day off together playing Two Worlds on the 360. (not what you were expecting?) Although this is not an embarrassment for him, I was a little ashamed of myself. There were things to be done! Like shopping with my birthday money. Oh, and cleaning etc. etc.

P.S. I had another blog and wrote for a little while before realizing that I had typed the title too quickly and missed a letter. So if you are in the market for a little back tracking it is