Friday, September 7, 2007

My eyes are tired

So, still waiting on the job at the church. I went to a staff meeting earlier this week and they were fantastic! Everyone had a very playful spirit, and made me feel super welcome. I'm scared to hope for this, but I really want it!

On another note, I am spoiled....rotten.... It was my birthday a week ago, and everyone i know just spoiled me. My Husband ( the most wonderful man in the world) showered me with gifts, one of which was of the expensive diamond variety :) My parents paid for everything we did last weekend. My dad even came along to a chick flick cause my mom and I wanted to see it. Both him and Brandon casually leaned over during the previews and made similar comments to the effect of "wake me up if I snore too loud". But that did not break our spirits. Mom and I were determined to enjoy that movie if it killed us. Speaking of which, it almost did. The Nanny Diaries, yeah, not so cute and funny. The key ingredients to a chick flick, cute and funny with a romantic something-or-other. All those things were there, but it was like someone forgot to turn up the heat on it. In any case, we gushed about the cute little boy and crazy mom until we were alone in the car later that evening and could divulge our true feelings without the fear of ridicule from our respective husbands.

Brandon's not a huge reader, which gives me far too much freedom to disclose the intimate details of our relationship. But really, who wants to hear that we spent almost our entire day off together playing Two Worlds on the 360. (not what you were expecting?) Although this is not an embarrassment for him, I was a little ashamed of myself. There were things to be done! Like shopping with my birthday money. Oh, and cleaning etc. etc.

P.S. I had another blog and wrote for a little while before realizing that I had typed the title too quickly and missed a letter. So if you are in the market for a little back tracking it is

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