Wednesday, September 26, 2007

I'm a Genius!

I'm pretty impressed with myslef right now, and not just because I was able to spell genius. I really like to create edible works of art. Not necessarily of the visually stimulating variety, more the makes-your-mouth-water-from-a-mile-away kind. Yesterday I had fun making dinner. At my cousins wedding a few weeks back they had these potatoes that still make my stomache grumble in anticipation. Brandon is also a potato monger. Therefore I took it upon myself to re-create the wondrous potatoes. They were like mashed potatoes rolled into little potatoey balls, seasoned and then baked to a crispy perfection. So that's what I did. Except I added a little cheese to the mashy part. Needless to say, they were amazing.

Today I made rice krispy squares with chocolate chips. Mmmmmm. I'm pretty sure all the females in my family have this weird gene. My mom is always calling me with new things she's created and the I just HAVE to try. So I usually do, and they are always amazing. And my sister is a pastry chef...need I say more? Check back in a few years, my husband will be fat as a testament to my culinary mastery.

On another note, the vote is less than a week away :S Everyone at the church is overwhelmingly confident that I have the job, which is good I guess cause they will be the ones voting. My manager at rogers just found out that I will probably be leaving. She has known for a long time that it's coming so it's not a surprise, I guess she just thought she'd have more time to find a replacement. I almost feel bad, she's going to have a really rough time keeping things going when I go. I'm pretty sure she still has no idea how much I actually do, since I've been doing it before she even started. When Jax quit i picked up most of the slack, but who's going to do it when I go? Well, I guess it won't be my problem... sigh

Three things:
1. Puppy training tonight!
2. No more trips ever!! He's my husband full time now :)
3. 5 DAYS!!!

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