Friday, September 14, 2007


Cute right? And she's all mine.

I made a stoup tonight. My sister would be so disappionted in me :( I love Rachel Ray...mostly cause she's a little ridiculous and just a bit that she makes really easy dinners. Like the Stoup. Except that her recipe said 4 Servings. If we were bears maybe. We're gonna be eating this thing for weeks! Was it any good? Well that's why I said weeks and not days...... It was okay, but I'm not ready to dive back in just yet. But I still love her!

Today was the big scary meet the core leadership team day. I was probably the most aprehensive about the fact that it was ay 7:30 am....yup AM. However I had two cups of coffee and I was good to go......for days I'm sure. Just wind me up and watch me go. One of the members of the team compared me to a jack in the box....somebody tell me that's a good thing.... I can't help that I'm energetic. hahah It sort of explodes from within ;)

Aaaanyways. The point of all that was to share the update. Apparently they have signed off on my candidacy, and I will be speaking to the ENTIRE CHURCH during ALL THREE services this weekend :s I'm really glad public speaking doesn't terrify me. Cause this would be a good time for that to come out. In any case, things are going well so far :) The giddiness even stretched on for at least half of my Rogers shift.
P.S. I've started counting the days... there's 16 of them. Then I will know!!!

Three things:
1. I had just enough time to myself today and it felt good:)
2. My husband just reached over to touch me so that I would "know you were me"
3. 16 Days!!!!!!

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