Saturday, December 22, 2007

Hey you, I love your soul

It's almost here!! I'm a Christmas Freak, I admit it! I'm still a little kid on the inside. I'm trying to think of all the exciting things that have happened in the past few days and I feel as though I'm coming up short.

Oooh I hung out with my Heather!! She's home for Christmas break ( see, there are a ton of reasons I love this time of year) and it's the first time I've seen her in over a year. It made me feel all warm and fuzzy.

I'm a novelaholic. I have two weeks off of work and I think I'm having an allergic reaction to all this time off. I mean..I cleaned out our laundry room/storage. Yeah. I have also been reading like a crazy person. Since the beginning of my time off.... today being day 4.. I've read 3 books, part way through the fourth.

When we were on our honeymoon I packed two or three books, under the assumption that I would read a little while we were on the beach. I didn't take into consideration that we would be there for two weeks. By the end of the first week I was without any books. So I discovered the activities center, and their meager library. This also lead me to the discovery of a new author. J.D. Robb. I later discovered that this was simply an alter ego of an already popular author, one whose writing I couldn't stand. I'm glad she discovered her alter ego. I don't enjoy the style of writing she uses in her popular books, but this other series is fantastic. It is set in the future about fifty years. The main character is this cop married to a billionaire.

I've also started reading "Wicked" based on a recommendation from a friend. I started reading it at the same time as of of the J.D. Robb ones, so it has been on the back burner for a bit. As soon as I run out of the others I'll get back to it.

I finished the new Dean Koontz one a couple weeks ago, "The Darkest Evening of the Year". Sooo Good! For those of you who don't know, I'm obsessed with Dean Koontz. I've read everything of his in reach. Some of the older stuff has been difficult to get my hands on, but I'm always working on it. In any case, the new one is great. A little disturbing, as usual, but amazing.

Yesterday I read the new Jeffrey Deaver one, "The Sleeping Doll". It's a 'spin-off' of another series I enjoy. Also, very good. After reading the first few chapters, I was skeptical. It seemed like the author had written himself into a corner. But No! It went in a direction I didn't expect. And it had one of those endings that, well, didn't. Every time you thought it was over, something else came up. A few things were predictable, but for the most part I couldn't put it down..... which it why I read it all in one day :P

You know who I have always loved? Margaret Atwood. Read "Moral Disorder" recently. Not one of my favorites. "Handmaids Tale", I think that's my favorite of hers. See, I don't love every book I read. I am capable of criticism.

I need another bookshelf desperately. All my books are double stacked. It makes me sad not to be able to spread them out in all their glory. So, pretty much I wrote all about books today. Sorry for all of you interested in the things really going on in my life. I wanted to talk about books.

Three Things:

1. Z Family Christmas on Monday
2. Walks with Layla
3. I get to see my family on Tuesday!!

Friday, December 14, 2007

12 Days of Christmas

I'm a good wife. I'm just putting that out there.

There wasn't one specific thing I wanted to get my hubby for Christmas this year. I had a whole bunch of ideas for smaller things, but no big ticket item. Instead, I decided to do the 12 days of Christmas for him. The presents get a little bigger and a little better each day. We have something like 4 family Christmas events this year, so it turns out to be more that 12 presents....but that's what wives are for :) I have had so much fun shopping for him this year! The last package arrived today, the Christmas morning gift, and I'm so excited! It is exactly what I thought it would be!

By the way, I'm sick again! The second time in less than a month. Unless this is some sort of flashback to the original sickness....but it doesn't feel like it.

OOoo, more good news! I found cute Christmas tins for all my baking! I've been keeping them in rubbermaids up until now. But now is the time to start giving away all the yummies! So I have something like 8 tins in a bunch of different sizes to give to people.

That is all.

3 Things:
1. I am just about done my Christmas Shopping!
2. I have a great job, with great people
3. I'm reading a really good book :)

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Christmas Time

I realize this is the second post in an hour, but I remember a picture that I have been wanting to put up, and dang it, I'm going to!

I've said how much I like Christmas right? And how I love Christmas Baking? Good. So then you won't be surprised when I tell you that I have already tried 5 different recipes this season. All new too. I have been bringing them to work and testing them out on the Sr. High pastor. So far so good!
Also, we have decorated the tree, aaaand wrapped ALL our presents! I was a little nervous about putting up the tree, fearing that Layla would have it down within minutes. It has been up for almost two weeks now, and she has shown almost no interest in it. Then I was afraid to put the present underneath, she loves to chew on all thing cardboard, or anything with corners. Again, she has barely even noticed! I realize that as I post this, she will likely discover an interest in all things Christmas.

In any case, she's got the Christmas spirit, See?

Yet Another Rant

I like Starbucks, I can admit it. What I don't like are incompetent staff.

I pass by 2 Starbucks on my way to work in the morning, they are two blocks apart. The first one I pass has a very awkward parking lot, but it has a Kayla. The second one is more accessible, however the staff are as ridiculous as they come. They do, however, have a drive through, points for them. I sent Kayla a message so that I would know when she works, that way I would dare the treacherous terrain in hopes of a pleasant indoor experience. This morning I went to the first Starbucks thinking that today was one of Kayla's shifts. That was my first mistake. The parking lot was deceptively empty and gave me a false sense of confidence in making this a quick journey. That was shattered the moment I stepped inside and realized that not only was Kayla not working, but there was not chance of retreat now that the enemy had closed in behind me.

I made my way up to the counter, after having been scolded along with a number of other customers for not lining up close to the coolers...which was the obvious place to stand? The moment I reached the counter, the lovely staff member walked away, obviously remembering she had something much more important to do. After a few moments another gentleman approached the till, only to ask the equally impatient woman behind me what he could get started for her. She ordered, apologized to me, insincerely of course, and off he went to make her beverage. A moment or two later, he looked at me, possibly wondering why I was still standing at the counter, and asked if I had ordered. No, I hadn't. At that moment, little miss I-have-more-important-things-to-do returned to the till and took my order, charging me for my own beverage, and that of ms. insincere apology. No problem, nothing that can't be fixed. I then ordered the "spinach and egg breakfast sandwich" only to be corrected; "do you mean the Egg Florentine breakfast sandwich?" In my head (I didn't want to be rude) I responded with a little " is there another breakfast sandwich with spinach in it? No? Then yes, I'll have the Egg Florentine." Instead I just said yes.

Beverage and slightly warmed sandwich in hand, I ventured back out to the once deserted parking lot to find that it was no longer so. Ah Ha! I thought to myself as I made the required 13 point turn to get out of my parking spot. Nearly nudging the 4 or 5 cars that had boxed me in since my arrival 15 minutes ago, I was now on my way. Kayla works tomorrow morning, mental note.

Thursday, December 6, 2007

ok, for really now.

Hello all.

So I feel as though I have a million things to say, and then the moment I sit down to let it all out.... nothing. Very much like my time in pre-school. I went to playschool at a church by my parents house, even though my family does not "do" church. I had the very best teacher, Mrs. Janzen. Each Friday our class would go to the sanctuary for a prayer time. The student of the week was allowed to be the one who got to pray out loud. Every week I wished it were my time to pray, having so many things on my little mind. Finally at the end of the year, or what felt like the end of the year anyway, I was student of the week! I thought all week of things I could pray for come Friday chapel time. The day finally arrived and we made our way to the special place, singe file of course. We would all line the steps of the stage on our knees and the student of the week would pray. I knelt there and said nothing. It was my turn.. finally... and I had nothing to say. Needless to say that even ended with a great deal of tears and reassurance from my beloved Mrs. Janzen. I think I've been scarred for life. Even now as a youth pastor, praying out loud still gives me that sinking feeling in my stomach.

Now that we've all had a little look into my psyche, let's move on.

We're having night games at the church tonight and I'm excited. A large wrench was thrown into the plans at the last minute, but I'm adapting. Our church is having some guy I've never heard of do some concert on Saturday night. Apparently he's popular, because it sold out very quickly. He then decided to add another show.... cause he's awesome. Which wasn't too big of a deal. Until he decided that he was going to need, get this, every single class room in the entire church for the people who were helping him. I don't know if you have the right picture. This is a very big church we are talking about. So now, I am restricted to the gym, youth room, and womens ministry center.... Oh, and we have to be quiet. I don't think he's met man Middle Schoolers.

It's not that bad, I maaay be making it out to be worse than in really is because I have had to spend my entire day re-planning my entire event. It's a good thing I don't hold grudges... or know the guy.

Three Things
1. I am no longer that sick blob lying on the couch watching episode after episode of Gilmore Girls.... Although my husband is now... nope, not taking out the Gilmore Girls part.
2. Tonight is going to be awesome!
3. I haven't gone into debt getting ready for Christmas this year!

I'm on a roll

Is it weird that a part of me misses being in school? It is a very small part of me, but it's there none the less. I've been in school for 80% of my life. To stop now seems wrong. Sigh. Duncan, you and Kelsey were right, I will be the forever student.

Wednesday, December 5, 2007

It's December!

I love this time of year. Christmas makes me happy. You know why? I love to shop for other people. Shopping for myself is fun, but I know exactly how much joy I will get out of each item. I can accurately predict the level of excitement that will go along with each purchase. When you shop for others there are no preconceived expectations. I am currently resisting the temptation to share all the unbelievable gifts I have found this year. Out of all the people I bought things blog-worthy for, I know at least two of them check in here every so often. Post-Christmas I promise I will share with all my many finds with you. P.S. I'm almost done all my shopping!

Also, Christmas means I get to bake, which I am sure we have already discussed, is a talent of mine. That's right, so you'd better get your requests in now, or there will be no treats with your name on them! I like to take recipes from cookbooks and then change them to suite people in my life. Like my husband looove mint things, especially candy canes. Last year, after successfully hiding the candy canes for a few days, I made crushed candy cane cookies. Sooooo good! Yup, I've already started a list of all the out-of-the-ordinary things I need to but this year. I have the 18th of December until the 2nd of January off this year, so there will be much baking.

In other news, it snowed and I loved it. I have been hoping for snow this year so that I could see how Layla would react. It was fantastic. We let her out when it got to be about ankle hight, human ankles that is. She kept running out a few feet into the yard, and then racing back in the house. When I finally caved in and played with her she started to enjoy it a little more. She would trot a few steps, and then realize her feet had left imprints in the snow and attack them. The prints on the walkway pooled water, so they were allowed to stay, purely for drinking purposes. We got a few pictures of her, one of them is super cute.

I better have children one day, I'm not to be one of those women who grows old with no children and refers to her dogs as her babies. Not going to happen.