Wednesday, December 5, 2007

It's December!

I love this time of year. Christmas makes me happy. You know why? I love to shop for other people. Shopping for myself is fun, but I know exactly how much joy I will get out of each item. I can accurately predict the level of excitement that will go along with each purchase. When you shop for others there are no preconceived expectations. I am currently resisting the temptation to share all the unbelievable gifts I have found this year. Out of all the people I bought things blog-worthy for, I know at least two of them check in here every so often. Post-Christmas I promise I will share with all my many finds with you. P.S. I'm almost done all my shopping!

Also, Christmas means I get to bake, which I am sure we have already discussed, is a talent of mine. That's right, so you'd better get your requests in now, or there will be no treats with your name on them! I like to take recipes from cookbooks and then change them to suite people in my life. Like my husband looove mint things, especially candy canes. Last year, after successfully hiding the candy canes for a few days, I made crushed candy cane cookies. Sooooo good! Yup, I've already started a list of all the out-of-the-ordinary things I need to but this year. I have the 18th of December until the 2nd of January off this year, so there will be much baking.

In other news, it snowed and I loved it. I have been hoping for snow this year so that I could see how Layla would react. It was fantastic. We let her out when it got to be about ankle hight, human ankles that is. She kept running out a few feet into the yard, and then racing back in the house. When I finally caved in and played with her she started to enjoy it a little more. She would trot a few steps, and then realize her feet had left imprints in the snow and attack them. The prints on the walkway pooled water, so they were allowed to stay, purely for drinking purposes. We got a few pictures of her, one of them is super cute.

I better have children one day, I'm not to be one of those women who grows old with no children and refers to her dogs as her babies. Not going to happen.

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