Thursday, December 6, 2007

ok, for really now.

Hello all.

So I feel as though I have a million things to say, and then the moment I sit down to let it all out.... nothing. Very much like my time in pre-school. I went to playschool at a church by my parents house, even though my family does not "do" church. I had the very best teacher, Mrs. Janzen. Each Friday our class would go to the sanctuary for a prayer time. The student of the week was allowed to be the one who got to pray out loud. Every week I wished it were my time to pray, having so many things on my little mind. Finally at the end of the year, or what felt like the end of the year anyway, I was student of the week! I thought all week of things I could pray for come Friday chapel time. The day finally arrived and we made our way to the special place, singe file of course. We would all line the steps of the stage on our knees and the student of the week would pray. I knelt there and said nothing. It was my turn.. finally... and I had nothing to say. Needless to say that even ended with a great deal of tears and reassurance from my beloved Mrs. Janzen. I think I've been scarred for life. Even now as a youth pastor, praying out loud still gives me that sinking feeling in my stomach.

Now that we've all had a little look into my psyche, let's move on.

We're having night games at the church tonight and I'm excited. A large wrench was thrown into the plans at the last minute, but I'm adapting. Our church is having some guy I've never heard of do some concert on Saturday night. Apparently he's popular, because it sold out very quickly. He then decided to add another show.... cause he's awesome. Which wasn't too big of a deal. Until he decided that he was going to need, get this, every single class room in the entire church for the people who were helping him. I don't know if you have the right picture. This is a very big church we are talking about. So now, I am restricted to the gym, youth room, and womens ministry center.... Oh, and we have to be quiet. I don't think he's met man Middle Schoolers.

It's not that bad, I maaay be making it out to be worse than in really is because I have had to spend my entire day re-planning my entire event. It's a good thing I don't hold grudges... or know the guy.

Three Things
1. I am no longer that sick blob lying on the couch watching episode after episode of Gilmore Girls.... Although my husband is now... nope, not taking out the Gilmore Girls part.
2. Tonight is going to be awesome!
3. I haven't gone into debt getting ready for Christmas this year!

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