Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Yet Another Rant

I like Starbucks, I can admit it. What I don't like are incompetent staff.

I pass by 2 Starbucks on my way to work in the morning, they are two blocks apart. The first one I pass has a very awkward parking lot, but it has a Kayla. The second one is more accessible, however the staff are as ridiculous as they come. They do, however, have a drive through, points for them. I sent Kayla a message so that I would know when she works, that way I would dare the treacherous terrain in hopes of a pleasant indoor experience. This morning I went to the first Starbucks thinking that today was one of Kayla's shifts. That was my first mistake. The parking lot was deceptively empty and gave me a false sense of confidence in making this a quick journey. That was shattered the moment I stepped inside and realized that not only was Kayla not working, but there was not chance of retreat now that the enemy had closed in behind me.

I made my way up to the counter, after having been scolded along with a number of other customers for not lining up close to the coolers...which was the obvious place to stand? The moment I reached the counter, the lovely staff member walked away, obviously remembering she had something much more important to do. After a few moments another gentleman approached the till, only to ask the equally impatient woman behind me what he could get started for her. She ordered, apologized to me, insincerely of course, and off he went to make her beverage. A moment or two later, he looked at me, possibly wondering why I was still standing at the counter, and asked if I had ordered. No, I hadn't. At that moment, little miss I-have-more-important-things-to-do returned to the till and took my order, charging me for my own beverage, and that of ms. insincere apology. No problem, nothing that can't be fixed. I then ordered the "spinach and egg breakfast sandwich" only to be corrected; "do you mean the Egg Florentine breakfast sandwich?" In my head (I didn't want to be rude) I responded with a little " is there another breakfast sandwich with spinach in it? No? Then yes, I'll have the Egg Florentine." Instead I just said yes.

Beverage and slightly warmed sandwich in hand, I ventured back out to the once deserted parking lot to find that it was no longer so. Ah Ha! I thought to myself as I made the required 13 point turn to get out of my parking spot. Nearly nudging the 4 or 5 cars that had boxed me in since my arrival 15 minutes ago, I was now on my way. Kayla works tomorrow morning, mental note.

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