Sunday, September 16, 2007


Sometimes I think I've read words in books or heard them used by a friend with an abnormally large vocabluary, but really I've just made them up. I'm okay with that.

So this weekend was the weekend. Well the first of three that will discern my future. I had to share about myself in all three services. The first was comical purely becuase I had to work at Rogers all evening. Ten minutes before it was my turn to speak, I was supposed to take my break and book it over there. I got there, jumped on stage and shared my life story in under five minutes, and did my best to speak at a speed that would make it audible to those in the congregation. Success!

And then there was this morning. I woke up at 8 an hour before I was supposed to be there, 9am. Debated wearing the same thing as the evening before ( I did... it was nice). Fed the puppy and headed out. We pulled into the parking lot and I turned to Brandon and asked "why aren't there any people getting out of there cars?" In fact there weren't any people in the parking lot at all. I stole a glance at the church sign and saw SUNDAY MORNING SERVICES 8:30 and 11. 8:30!!!! We parked the car and rushed into the church. The Sr. pastor was speaking which meant I had missed my window. I could feel my phone vibrating in my purse and thought ' who would be calling me right now?' Yeah, it was the church basically going WHERE ARE YOU??

We did get things sorted out and I was able to speak, although everyone in there knew I missed the original time. Sigh. Oh well, lets just hope they loved me anyway. By the third time around I was all good. That worked out nicely, mostly because there were more people in that service than the other two combined.

Three things:
1. pooping on the paper
2. an afternoon off
3. 14 DAYS!!

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