Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Guilt Ridden

I am so very sorry! It's not my fault, I've been ridiculously busy ...with..... MY NEW JOB!! That's right folks, I am officially the Pastor of Middle school and KIDstuf.

Monday was the longest day ever! I made sure to sleep in as late as possible to make the day go by faster. The only reason I did wake up in the morning hours at all was because Brandon came and got me...he was lonely. Watching TV occupied me for a little while, then the internet, but I couldn't sit still. I cleaned till there was nothing left to clean. I did laundry, folded it, and put it away. Finally I put my energy to good use and made some fantastic chocolate chip cookies.

The meeting went well, seemingly too well. I spoke for less than two minutes and then the floor was open to anyone to ask questions. The first person simply wanted to know how I'd heard about the position and what the process was like. simple. The second and final question was basically a statement. "I have three children and they all hate this youth group because it's too big and loud." all I could think to say was ..."and then?" but I held back and let her finish, and by finish I mean she said " so what are you going to do about that?" I, of course, went on to explain my philosophy of ministry which seemed to appease her.

After we left they were given the chance to ask any questions they wanted to without me being there. I was told there were none. The same process was followed for the two other people being voted on.

In the meantime, Brandon and I went to Timmy's to distract me with coffee and soup. It didn't last long. An hour later I could sit still no longer so we went to wander Future Shop and distract ourselves with expensive shiny things. FINALLY I got the call, and all he said was " So, you know there's a dress code right?" ha ha funny.

The next morning, I was hard at work frying my brain with new names a policies all across the map :)

Oh, and Duncan. :P to you spelling man


Heather said...

You win! I'm proud of you my Jacki! It sounds like you made a good impression on the congregation. Happy pastoring!

Duncan said...

hahahaha i have to help you avoid getting prideful Star :P

So yeah, I'll cut you down when you misspell stuff!!