Thursday, August 23, 2007

Makin changes

I've been avioding changing my blog over to it's proper place, i almost liked my llittle oops. It was quirky, cute, and something I would do. However it was not what i wanted. i like to be coherent, contrary to popular belief, and missing the T was not helping matters.

I'm pretty sure the only person to ever read this is me, so i'm going to continue to write whatever i feel like.... I guess I'd probably do that anyways, no matter who was reading.

I think my puppy has forgotten her legs. When she is distracted by something in front of her, she often flattens out on her belly and squirms toward it with no help what so ever from a limb of any kind. It's entertaining, so i'm not going to do anything about it. Unless she starts doing it outside, in which case she would get all dirty.

I started reading the new Stephen King book..... and I'm pretty sure no one proof read it for him. Maybe when you get to a certain level of authordom they let you publish blindly. Well, someone should have read this one. It's not even the spelling or gramar that carry the issues. It's the fact that there is no story line, no fluid thought, no seperation of character. It's an incoherent stream of thought... or non-thought. Maybe if i keep reading it will get better, but without the promise that it will i don't think I can :P

Okay, so here's something new. Brandon wants to buy a house. *squeals in a mixture of terror and delight* Don't get me wrong, this is exciting! But whoah is it ever a whole lot of responsibility! He's thinking maybe a year from now, I think it's going to take a whole lot longer the find a down payment. unless we both end up with the new jobs we're going for. In which case we'll still have to wait to build credibility with whatever bank we want to bless us ;P with a mortgage. wow, these are big girl thoughts, I might be a little out of my league.

So, job situation for me: I've given my notice at church number one. All that's left is cleaning out my office *tear* Sherry told me the first thing she's going to do is re-paint it :( That windowless box was the coolest little room in that church! The paint contributed to at least a third of the cool factor. Oh well, moving on...

Job 2 has checked references, and now they have to meet again to discuss them. Sigh. Getting a job at a church is a loooong process. If they decide to continue with me, I'll still have to go through the entire congregation. i know it's a good process, but I'm excited and I want to start! providing i do eventually get hired.....

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