Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Prom Season

I love when other people give me ideas for things to write about. I was looking at Rude Cactus earlier today, and he challenged people to write about their prom memories. I went to two different "proms" throughout high school, although where I'm from we called them grads.

Grade 10 grad - aka Jr. Prom was more or less ridiculous. The only thing I really remember was where I got my dress, and how unbelievably awful it was. The new store in our mall at the time was Jacob, so I was adamant my dress came from there. It was floor length, some sort of spandex blend, black with tiny white polka dots, and had skinny little spaghetti straps. For those of you who don't already have the brutal visual, I'll add that I was a very busty 15 year old, just to throw you over the edge.

My only memory of the evening was at the restaurant. After whatever planned event the school had put on, a bunch of us girls went to the Cactus Club for a late night dinner. We spent the entire time flirting with the good looking servers assigned to our table. Keep in mind that we were all 15! We continued by getting all the 'boys' (I'm pretty sure they were all at least in their early twenties) to sign our napkins so that we could have a souvenir. I don't know how I wasn't mortified! I am now just writing about it.

Fast forward two years to my grade 12 grad. A lot more planning went into this one. We spent months driving to every city in the area trying to find the 'perfect dress'. A group of us got together, pooled our funds and booked a limo. The big day arrived and a friend and I spent the entire day at my aunt's spa getting our hair and make-up done. She and I are no longer friends so I don't feel so bad telling you she looked like a clown! I'm a pretty vocal girl, so I had no problem telling them what I did, or didn't like. She was a little insecure and didn't really speak up, so she ended up looking pretty brutal.

The limo made it's rounds and picked us all up before heading off to some park so the parents could all take pictures. We made it to the hotel ballroom, only to have to stand around outside for more pictures. The dinner was okay, nothing special. There was very little dancing, a lame slideshow put on by student council ( aka - no one anyone knew was in it) and then two of our friends got engaged. Yeah, at 17. We had an hour between events so we went downtown, and the newly engaged stood our the sun roof of our limo cheering and hollering and whatever excited teenagers do.

The next event was a boat cruise. I don't know how we survived. One level had a painfully bad DJ and a dance floor. The other had karaoke and a temporary tattoo station. Ha. Oh, and you had to pay extra for everything. You wanted a a pretty little butterfly on your ankle, extra. You wanted to sing karaoke, extra. You wanted a water from the juice bar, extra. I had a bunch of friends who had chosen that evening to experiment with E, so let's just say I was loved.

When the boat finally docked, our groups decided to skip the school sponsored breakfast (cafeteria eggs- blech) and opted to Denny's instead. I should have given more of a lead up to this one, but I'll just flat out tell you that our limo driver what a total creep. While we were on our cruise he was picking up other people and doing who-knows-what in the back of the limo. He was also very interested in all us pretty girls. When we got to Denny's he followed us in, took off his shirt so he was wearing a dirty white tank top, and proceeded to join us at the table! Everyone else was all creeped out, but I just told him to leave. He didn't exactly go willingly. This guy was our ride home....

The best part about our grad weekend? No more school!

Anyone else have any good prom/grad stories. I know mine was a little long and detailed, so deal with it!


raych said...

I remember gr 10 grad. I probably still have my autographed napkin. I dropped my favorite ring down the sink at the Cactus Club that night, remember? The manager went all Plumber on us and took the sink apart to get it out. I think I swooned.

Gr 12 grad was a bust because you and I weren't speaking, and my loser boyfriend wouldn't let me dance. Also, I got my period that morning. Euchhh.

rudecactus said...

glad I was able to inspire an idea!