Tuesday, May 27, 2008

I'm not keeping up!

Ok, so I missed Fun Monday two weeks ago 'cause it was a holiday here in good old Canada. But this week I have no excuse. Apparently the topic for yesterday was your best vacation ever!

I've been on a few good vacations, however only one so far in my adult life. For our honeymoon, the Hubby and I went to an all inclusive resort in Puerto Vallarta. I was great... for obvious reasons. We stayed for two whole weeks, spent every day either on the beach or by the pool. We wandered into town to check out the shopping scene. Oh! and I got a massage each week. It was so relaxing, and I came back super tanned!

The vacation I am most looking forward to is coming up in September! Myself and three friends are going to go on a road trip to California! We are taking 10 days to drive down, hit up all the theme parks, maybe sit in on the filming of Price Is Right or Ellen, and then drive home! We have already booked all the hotels and are not so patiently awaiting our departure date. Maybe I'll stalk Dad Gone Mad while I'm down there... I'll stake out his Starbucks....if I can figure out which one it is. Oh, now I sound creepy.

On to other things.

The Hubby has been demanding- I mean encouraging me to drink more water. You see, I have an addiction. It comes in a pastel blue can with fake little water droplets running down the side. It's called Diet Pepsi, or as my sister-in-law affectionately refers to it - cancer in a can. Ten years off the wagon, I haven't gone a day without a can, bottle or glass. Acknowledging that this may not be the best habit, I have conceded to drinking one glass of water for every can of DP, or cup of coffee ( An addiction we will have to discuss another day). I may have forgotten to mention the fact that I have a bladder the size of a walnut.

Tuesday mornings begin with an all-staff meeting. I began with a Grande sugar-free caramel americano. We break at about 10, and I took that opportunity to use the facilities and grab the obligatory bottle of water. ( into which I poured a single serving of Crystal Light..you didn't actually expect me to drink it plain did you?) It only took a matter of minutes for the bottle to empty, and I sat back with a proud little smirk on my face. The smirk quickly disappeared off my face as I realized the current state of my walnut-sized bladder. Can they over-flow? 'Cause I'm pretty sure that's what mine was doing.

I slunk out the back door of the board room and used the little girls room. Back in my chair I was quite content to have gone un-noticed. Until ten minutes later when I had to go again! I held it for as long as humanly possible, and then executed the same routine. Three times!!! Coffee and water... not good. Sorry Hubby, looks like I'm sticking to the DP!

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Becs said...

I am going to California this summer! My family invited me to go with them. We are going to San Diego and Palm Springs. I seriously need a vacation so I am really looking forward to it!!!