Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Who me?

It seems as though I have been a great big slacker pants. For that I apologize. You see, my computer at home has been so slow that it can no longer keep up with my mediocre typing speed. I will be typing away and check to make sure I've phrased something correctly only to find that my screen is still a few lines back! It's not so awesome. So instead I'm blogging at work... so yup, still a slacker pants.. just not with my blog :)

Let me let you in on a few great things I've discovered recently:

1. Sugar free caramel. I'm all lactose and whatnot, so I've stopped having milk in my coffee. This also means that everything I enjoyed at Starbucks is no longer drinkable. Sugar Free Caramel to the rescue! I was afraid that I wouldn't be okay with the bitterness of black coffee, and I had long ago given up on sugaring my coffee. Now my drink of choice? Grandé Sugar Free Caramel Americano. Mmmmm

2. Hummus. I know, sounds gross right? But, the whole non-dairy side of my personality has clashed with the loves veggies and dip side of my personality. So, I put my 5 years of schooling to use and we had a mediation. The result-Hummus. It's wonderful and healthy even! I have even inspired a number of co-workers to rush out and purchase some before it's all gone.

3. Google Reader. My evening routine used to go like this. Get home from work, make dinner, watch token show of occasional interest, spend hoooouuurrs flipping from bookmark to bookmark just in case someone I may or may not know had the time to update their blogs while I was slaving away at work. Now me evening routine looks like this. Get home, make and eat dinner, watch token show of occasional interest, read a book or something because now that I have Google reader I do nothing but read blogs all day long as they pop up on my desktop, get bored of reading a book and search for more blogs to add to my subscriptions. Wonderful,isn't it?

4. Ebay. Long, looong ago I became a movie love. My sister and I have since fostered an obsession with certain 'family' movies from the eighties. These movie ( minus one) were all available on eBay! Yes that's right folks, I am the proud owner of a "Mac and Me', "Flight of the Navigator" , and " Harry and the Hendersons". The only one I was looking for that I wasn't able to get a hold of was "The Peanut Butter Solution" and that's only because it hasn't been released on DVD yet. But as soon as it does, it will find it's way into my collection. Oh, and there's "The Goonies". but I can get that at Rogers now that's it's been re-released :)

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