Wednesday, April 30, 2008

So much for following through..

Ok, so I was going to do Fun Monday this week... But it wasn't really do-able. You see the task was to describe your favorite walk, either in pictures or in words. And granted I could have done it in words, but it just wouldn't have done the view justice. You see, my favorite walk is any walk where the view is Layla's little tushy. I love to walk with her, but by the time I got home Monday night it was already getting dark, and even a little bit rainy. I'm a little bit of a whiner...can you tell? In any case, I've already wrecked the trend I was hoping to start. I won't give up though! I will persevere! You love it.

Well people, now you get to hear about all the things I am excited about. Like the fact that I am getting a new computer for work tomorrow!!! I have been waiting and waiting and waiting... ok not thaat long, you can take off one of the waitings. The computer I am currently using works just fine.. until the battery dies. And if you are wondering that takes approximately 3 minutes. It wouldn't be so bad if I could just plug it in and keep going, but the battery doesn't recognize the charger. Sometimes, on the rare occasions it does manage to connect, I get to use my computer and it makes me happy.

Also, Monday is the Hubby and my One Year Anniversary! I know, so long right? We've each planned a portion to the date day and my half is gonna be great. I've got the first half of the afternoon. At 2:30 we are going to the spa for a couples massage and then a pedicure. He needs the second one cause he can't reach his toes since the surgery and I'm not a huge fan of man feet. It's a surprise so he still doesn't know! It's two and a half hours long ( blissful sigh ) and then it's his turn. He is making reservations at some fancy restaurant and then we are going to go see a movie we have both been waiting for. Iron Man!!! I know, you'd think this is beneath me, but i loooove all those super hero/ comic book movies. I never got into any of that as a kid, so I have to get it all out of my system now. The next few days are looking pretty good from where I'm sitting!

Three Things ( I know, I've been neglecting you)
1. One year of being a pair
2. Apple ( including the iPhone coming to Canada!!!)
3. Happy thoughts :)


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