Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Happy New Year!

This is the exciting post were I get to tell you all about the exciting things I got people for Christmas. But first I have to tell you a sad story.

I was looking at this clothing site online, and found the best ever shirt for my Short Buddy. It was perfect, I couldn't have come up with something better myself. So I went about ordering it, but they can't ship outside the US. I was discouraged, but then I was talking to a co-worker who told me that I could get it sent to the letterlock just across the border. So I got the address and attempted to order it again.... but I also needed an american credit card- which I didn't have. In a desperate attempt to make it happen, I e-mailed the company to see if I could make it work. A lovely gentleman e-mailed me back almost immediately and offered to help me figure things out. We used my paypal account (which I hadn't used in years and had almost forgotten about!) and set it all up. It went to the letterlock and it took me all of 20 minutes to zip across and grab it. Yay!!! It was perfect!!

Now, it comes to Christmas time. I've wrapped it and placed it under the tree, but Short Buddy is away for the week. No problem. She comes back, we make plans to go out for lunch...the day comes and the fabulous amazing present is no where to be found!!! Sigh

Anyways. Other things turned out great. I got my hubby a bunch of Hockey paraphernalia. I got this one shirt specially made. It says Hockey Fan on the front, and the back has our last name across the top with his # under it. He was pretty psyched. I also got him a vintage Detroit hoodie with the lace up neck. It's pretty much awesome.

I got Smelly these two t-shirts, one says "It's a redhead thing, you wouldn't get it" and the other says "Yes, it's natural" on the front, and then "No, I won't prove it" On the back. He liked them :)

My sister in law is a super hockey player, but she's been getting a little girlier since I started hanging around. I got her a long sleeve white shirt that has a pair of beaten up hockey skates on it, beside it says "my other dress shoes". It was awesome!!

There's a bunch more, but I won't go into it now. Christmas was good. We brought Layla with us to my parents, she was spoiled.
That is the Candy Cane bone she got in her stocking.

Then we went to my big family event. My Grandma knits, and she's really good at it. When I was little she used to make clothes for my barbies! Amazing right? Well this year, she made Layla two little sweaters.... heheh
The Hubby and I had decided not to make her wear little outfits and dress her up, but we put them on her so that we could take a few pictures and send them to Grandma. But she really liked them. She keeps picking them up and bringing them over to me to put on her.... The black one is her favorite. This is going to haunt me isn't it.

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