Thursday, February 28, 2008


Things that make me angry:

1. Bad Drivers- This one I will refer to regularly, have no fear. I don't get why there are just so many of them! ( the voice inside my head goes " why are there so many stupid people? maybe there's a correlation...)

2. The few truckers that give all the rest a bad name. My best friend drives truck. He is a good driver. I have gone along for many an adventure. Today as I was approaching an intersection, a driver pulling a 50' trailer begins to turn left across my lane. He waves at me to stop as I am already screeching to a halt a couple of feet away from the passenger door of the cab. Um.... hello? I forgot... when you are that big you make up your own right of way. Grr..

3. Not being able to use a big garbage can. What the stink!? Our garbage can was apparently too big.... so they left it; and all the garbage inside of it. I'm gonna saw it in half.

4. Blisters. I have on on the bottom of my foot because I went for a long walk today in skate shoes.

5. Being cranky. I would much rather be happy.

Regardless, 3 Things I am thankful for:
1. Two days off in a row starting tomorrow.
2. 10 pounds lighter
3. Diet Pepsi

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raych said...

Hey! You have a blog!