Saturday, October 10, 2009


It's hard finding the motivation to catalog something that doesn't seem to be worth recording. I started this blog for two reasons. The first being the desire to write and remember. I used to enjoy writing, especially when it enabled me to 'verbalize' things in a way I'm not always able. My mind goes so much faster than my mouth... and that's saying something. Taking the time to process my thoughts into coherent sentences before putting them out there is helpful. It's an outlet.

The second reason started as a means to avoid anonymity. I was a lurker. I would follow other blogs religiously, taking in every detail of these strangers lives. Not once had I opened myself up to that same vulnerability. And thus, the Rambling began.

Today, I read about at least 20 other people's lives. They weren't all sensational. In fact, the majority of them are fairly mundane. YOUR mundane is interesting to ME. But I'm having a hard time being interested in my mundane.

I am, however, making an effort. For my Seeeester. She makes every ordinary obligation into an adventure.

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