Tuesday, May 3, 2011

What now?

I got a call that he was ready to come home! My mother in law and I headed to the hospital to get him all packed up. The Dr. was coming by at some point to discuss the results with us, so we sat around for what seemed like hours with packed bags in our laps.

When he finally arrived he was surprised to learn that my father in law knew nothing about the surgery. He told him what the rest of us had known for a week, and then proceeded to share the rest of the results.

There was a 'sizable' tumor on his kidney that they believe is the source of the cancer. There are also a number of other smaller tumors spread throughout his body. The have contacted the Canadian Cancer Society, who will in turn contact him within the month to make an appointment with an oncologist. More waiting.

It was nice to finally go home. I dropped them off and took the Munchkin home for the first time in weeks. Hubby came home from work, we had dinner as a family, and for an evening everything felt normal.

The next day, in the early hours of the morning my cell phone rang and woke us all up. It was my mother in law. He had another seizure, this one lasting a very long time. The ambulance was on it's way, she needed someone to meet her at the hospital.

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