Saturday, September 17, 2011

So Much Has Happened.

I haven't forgotten about the two or three of you that read what I write. It's just that life got busy, and hard. So many great thing have happened, so I'm going to focus on that.

My father in law had a 10 pound, size-of-a-basketball (!) tumor removed from his abdomen. It used to be a kidney, but no longer functioned as one. He had all sorts of radiation on his brain and other various parts of his body as tumors sprouted. He started Chemo, and has gone through two rounds. He's still here. Chemo was a bust, so now he's moving onto more 'natural' therapies. While I am a believer in all things medicine, I am going to choose to believe in this too. If it helps, even just a little, then I am on board.

The Munchkin is great.He's 14 months old! He walks, he talks, he keeps me on my toes. He started talking at about 10 months. His first word? Pretty. We call the dog "Pretty Girl" when she's good, and he picked up on it. Since then he's been adding to his vocabulary daily. He says peese (please) and tant you (thank you), impressing everyone with how polite he is. He's sleeping like a champ and eats like a monster.

I'm good too. I've been back to work since May, and am so glad to have adults to talk to. I'm going back to school starting on Monday. That's a little scary. I have a Bachelor's Degree in Counseling, which amounts to a pile of peanuts. I'm taking a year out to get my license so I can practice while The Munchkin and his future (NOT PREGNANT) brother or sister are little. When they are in school I will eventually go back and get my Master's Degree. For now a little practice of my own will be just perfect.

Hubby is doing great too. Working his butt of the keep our cupboards full of chips and chocolate.

So I guess starting on Monday I will have a normal schedule again for the first time since... 2009? The Munchkin will be in daycare 4 days a week, so I'll try to post at least once a promises though :P

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