Wednesday, September 29, 2010

It's time!

Born Monday July 12, 8:44 pm weighing 9 pounds 4 ounces! 21.5 inches long, he takes after daddy.

So here's the story. Sunday night Hubby and I are playing computer games and I started feeling a little icky. I hadn't had any of the usual signs that labor was coming, so I assumed I was just feeling off. We went to bed and I couldn't sleep at all. I laid there until 3 or 4am and was getting more and more uncomfortable. Finally I got up and tried to watch some TV, but by 6am I was starting to realize that these pains were actually contractions so I woke up Hubby to time them for me. They were 2-3 minutes apart by 8am, so we headed to the hospital.

TMI ahead

At the hospital they reviewed my file and sent me to pee in a cup. When I was seen by the nurse, she attempted to reach for my throat through my girly parts and then told be to go home. Apparently you have to be dilated to stay. She told be to come back when they were 1 minute long and 1 minute apart. So we go home and Hubby goes to work while I sit and squirm in pain. By noon I'm going insane and can't handle the pain, so Hubby comes home and starts timing again. We go back to the hospital at 1 and get the throat grabbing treatment once again and they get ready to drug me up and send me home once again. I get a shot of morphine and they tell me to hang out for 20 minutes until it kicks in, the go home for 2-3 hours. Yeah, so the morphine? It doesn't kick in. Aparently I am immune! An hour and a half later they decide it's best to admit me. A nurse comes in and takes my blood while I am still hanging out in the triage area, and then I lay there a while longer. Finally a nurse from the maternity ward comes to get me and I slowly make my way to my room. The reason it took so long is because they went out of their way to get me into one of the two tub rooms. I will be forever grateful for this shortly.

I asked for drugs and they laughed. Apparently you have to be more dilated than I was to get drugged. I began sensing a theme. I am not very dilated! I waddled over to the tub and Hubby filled it with the hottest water I could handle. I spent the next 3 hours there, and I'm pretty sure I asked for drugs every 10 minutes or so. Around 5 I thought I was going to die so the nurse brought me the laughing gas, and guess what? I'm immune to that too! It just made me feel nauseous and dizzy. Finally at 6:30 they agreed to consider drugs. But I had to get the nether regions checked out again before they would give me anything. Yeah, so I was at 4cm and they wanted me to be at 5 before I could get anything. So we tried all these awkward positions in the shower until I couldn't handle it, which was fairly quickly, and went back into the newly filled tub.

Now the nurses switch over, and my helpful awesome nurse gets traded in for awkward nurse. Awkward nurse 'forgets' that I want drugs. I send hubby to ask AGAIN. She tells me to wait because I am progressing slowly. I fight her. When I said before that I thought I was going to die, at this point I knew I was was going to die. At 8pm she finally agrees to check me again to see if I am at 5cm yet. So she checks and tells me that I am fully dilated and she needs to go get my Dr. Um... 6cm in and hour and a half!

My Dr. is awesome and I love her. She comes in and confirms that, yes, I am fully dilated and it's time to get things started. Woo!

Oh, she says, but it's too late for drugs.

I looked her in the eye and said, I HATE YOU.

She laughed.

To be continued.....

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