Thursday, September 30, 2010

It's a Boy!

The following is not suitable to all readers, reader discretion is advised.

No drugs. After a moment of panic it was time to go! My Dr. broke my water with the lovely hook thing and it was the most disgusting feeling ever! Baby was apparently ready to go, because he had already pooped. This isn't the best thing, so the nurse tried to hook me up to a fetal heart monitor. It's like a tensor bandage that wraps around your belly and has little sensors running through. She asks me mid-contraction to please arch my back so that she can put the monitor around me. I told her to screw off. My Dr. laughed. She got Hubby to help reach under me and pull the monitor through so I could concentrate on my now continuous contraction.

Time to push! Hallelujah! Pushing was the best thing ever! Every push took the pain away just a little more, even if it was just because I was too busy concentrating on something else to notice the pain. Every time I would push, the baby's heart rate would drop. Dr. figured it was just the heart monitor not registering properly, but to be safe she attached an internal one to the baby's head. He was moving really fast, so his head was already visible. A couple more pushes and the heart rate kept dropping with every push. The Dr. reached in and discovered the umbilical cord wrapped around his neck.

Within about a minute my room went from 4 people to 10. The pediatric specialist and his team just happened to be in the hospital, so they were called in. My Dr. decides that baby needs to come out NOW. She get the vacuum suction apparatus and starts telling me what it does. I interrupted her and told her to just get him OUT. She sticks the suction cup to his head, tells me to push and starts pulling as hard as she can. Hubby tells me she was pulling so hard her arms were shaking. Two pushes and he was out at 8:44pm and handed over to the pediatric team. He had swallowed some of his own poop, so on top of having the cord around his neck, his stomach and lungs had to be drained.

The pain just stopped, and I was a space cadet. It took me a few seconds to even realize they had taken the baby to the other side of the room. He was breathing and squirming so I started to take an inventory of myself. The Dr. was checking things out down below, and they weren't good. Things happened so fast that the lady parts didn't have time to stretch on their own. It ended up being so bad, a gynecological surgeon had to be called in. FINALLY I got some drugs!

Baby is all cleaned up and gets passed on to me. I'm still 'hanging out' on the table with people coming in and out checking me out. I'm hanging out like this until 45 minutes later when the surgeon comes in. It takes him anther 45 to sew me up, while hubby bonds with the baby. He was hilarious, I think, it may have been the drugs. I get cleaned up and covered up and it's time for the family to meet the munchkin!

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