Thursday, October 7, 2010

Mall Rat

I have become a mall rat. Most mornings I drop Hubby off at work and take The Munchkin for a stroll through the mall. It wouldn't be so bad if I weren't so tempted to buy things every trip. Usually anything I buy is for Munchkin, but this can't be healthy for our bank account. I am getting good at finding sales though, passing by the same stores everyday I notice when things are different.

One thing I have been keeping my eyes on in the iPhone 4. Both Hubby and I are looking for them. We are with different carriers, and there are a few stores of each in the area in different strip malls. So every week while on my little stroll I stop by the different stores and ask again and AGAIN. The other day I got lucky! Well, for Hubby anyway. One of the stores I have harassed relentlessly just happened to have one in stock. I overheard the salesman tell the person he was talking to on the phone that they were all out of the iPhone. Apparently when he saw me, he decided that this was the opportunity to get rid of me!

I purchased the phone and then took it to Hubby's work. I put the phone in The Munchkins' stroller and then told Hubby that I had been trying to reach him all morning, but his phone wasn't working. I tried to call him again from my phone while he was holding his 5 year old piece or crap and the stroller started to ring instead. I said that The Munchkin stole his phone so that was why I couldn't reach him. He didn't get it. It wasn't until I made him look in the stroller that he FINALLY figured out what was going on. Yay! Totally made his week :)

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