Friday, November 26, 2010

Going to the Gym

Hubby and I are feeling lazy. We figure it's about time we get back to our healthy lifestyle. Hubby and I are pretty much polar opposites physically. I'm short and fairly round, whereas Hubby is taaalll and thin. I've always enjoyed swimming, so we are looking for a gym with a pool. There is a new gym opening in our neighborhood so we decided to go for the 'virtual tour'. Apparently they have great rates! Opening specials! Join now! Ha!

We went in on Friday to do our tour and chat with one of their trainers. We'd looked at the website (which shows all these great facilities, but gives no details) so we had some idea going in when the tour would look like. Here is our list of 'needs' when it comes to a gym.
1. I want a pool! ( Have have bursitis in my hips so I can't run or bike for cardio)
2. Childcare ( Nana is close by, but who knows how often we'll be going)
3. Tanning (Hubby is fair and needs to bronze a little before the summer starts to avoid heat stroke)
4. A Ladies only zone. (Lighter weights for me!)
5. Later hours (Hubby gets off work at 6:30)
6. Maybe personal training? ( Once I lose a little weight I might be interested in toning a little)
7. AFFORDABLE!! ( and no super long contract!)

So lets see how this gym measures up! Well, even though the website shows a pool....there isn't one on site....but some of the franchises back east have that matters. They have childcare! But only 2 days a week, and only in the morning, oh, and you have to pay for a membership for your child too if you want to have them in childcare. So... not going to happen. Tanning! guess what? Costs extra. ladies only area? yay! They have that! But if you want to participate in any of the classes... you guessed it, extra $. They do have one thing going for them, they are open until 10-no extra fees :P How about personal training? Drum roll please......Extra $$. So I guess all that answers the last question. Affordable? I think not. Oh, and to get any of the "low introductory rates", it's a 2 year contract. And those introductory rates, not so low. Pretty much the same as all the other gyms we've been to. Makes me wonder what they will go up to after the 'introductory period".

We considered going to the public rec center- but ew. And no chance of childcare. Finally after some searching online I convinced Hubby to check out this one last place. He had vetoed it originally because it is one of the oldest ones in town, 30ish years. But after checking it out online, and calling their new member rep, he agreed to check it out with me.

First thing, they have a private pool that is balanced twice daily. No extra cost. Childcare is free for the first 3 months, and after that you can pay a reasonable monthly fee for an unlimited package, or just pay a drop in rate (on the days Nana isn't available). Tanning, also free for the first three months, and then there are also packages and drop in rates that are pretty decent. The ladies only zone is great, with a monitor that shows the nursery so you can watch your kid while you work out. All the classes are included, Woo! This place is open until 11 on weeknights, and 10 on weekends, so hubby will have lots of time to go after work. You meet with the personal trainer when you join, and they teach you how to use all the machines, and if you want to meet with them again to set up a workout plan for yourself it's a one time fee that's pretty reasonable. And finally, it's totally affordable! The first person pays the regular rate, which it the same as every other gym in town, and the second person gets a discounted rate. Oh, and you can pay month to month, or sign a contract for 6 months, 1 or 2 years, and get an even better rate.

Guess where we're going? :P

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