Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Bad Grandma

I've always loved visiting my parents for the weekend. We have a pack n play for The Munchkin, and he has his own room at their house so we thought we'd try staying there for the weekend. Normally I think this would have worked. This weekend, however, Grandma was misbehaving.

The Munchkin followed his usual bedtime routine, bath and all. He was in bed by 9, and fell asleep right away. He usually sleeps until 5am or later, eats, and then goes back down for another few hours. He'll wake up throughout the night, but put himself right back to sleep. Grandma and Grandpa got home from an evening out just as I was heading to bed. Grandma followed me in when I went to check and make sure The Munchkin hadn't kicked his blankets off. He was awake but had his thumb in his mouth and was drifting off again. But Grandma took those open eyes as an opportunity to spend time with her grandson. She started talking to him in an animated voice until he opened his eyes to look at her. I kept shushing her and asked her to stop, so she did. At this point he was awake, but we hadn't passed the point of no return. I escorted Grandma out of the room so he could go back to sleep and I could get ready for bed. She was worried about him not going back to sleep (suure, now she worries) and I told her that he would be fine, and if he wasn't I would feed him and put him back to bed. I went into the bathroom to get ready, and she turned the hall light on so she could peek in and see if he was falling back asleep. Seriously?! Of course he was going to be awake now! All the lights on, and Grandma standing in the doorways smiling and talking to him. At some point in the 5 minutes I was in the bathroom she decided that he was awake, so she might as well pick him up while he waited for me to come and feed him. So now not only is he awake, but he's hanging out in the hallway with all the lights on bouncing around with Grandma.

I was hooped. I managed to wrangle him away from Grandma, send her to bed, and get him to settle down enough to eat. He was wired. He ate and the continued to tell me stories from his play pen. For TWO HOURS! He was wide awake and happy screaming from his room, so loud I was sure the neighbors could hear him. It was after 3am when he finally got cranky and hungry again. He ate again and then went to sleep until 8am.

After all that....Grandma slept through the whole thing!

I had to go to a crazy busy baby shower with half a dozen kids on less than 5 hours of sleep. As punishment Grandma was in charge of the cranky baby that didn't get enough sleep the night before during the baby shower.

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