Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Library Time

Our local library does something called 'Cuddle time for Babies', and The Munchkin and I went for our second series this month. Monday was the last one until January and I can't wait for it to start up again. The Munchkin absolutely loves listening to the librarian read the stories.

Usually we sit in a circle with all the other mommies and their babies and do a name song to learn who everyone is. Then the librarian teaches the mommies some fun songs and rhymes to do with our babies at home. Then we do some fun group songs and dance around the circle a little bit. Finally the librarian reads a short story before we sing the goodbye song.

We started the first series in October, and the Librarian was great! She was super engaging, and the Munchkin loved listening to her read, he was enthralled with the sound of her voice. All the rhymes turned into fun songs with her, and none of the babies cried or fussed at all! The November session had a new librarian leading the baby time, and she wasn't nearly as good. It was still lots of fun, and I had a great time getting to know some of the other mommies. This librarian didn't sing, she just said all the rhymes. When she did attempt to sing, the tune would change half way through! It was pretty comical.

I feel like we're going to go through withdrawal in December without our library time! But I guess December is a pretty busy month, so I'm sure we'll manage.

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