Monday, December 6, 2010

The Nutcracker

I was lucky enough last week to have a night off of mommy duty to go see one of my favorite girls in The Nutcracker. She is a beautiful ballerina! Her dance company performs The Nutcracker every Christmas season, hiring a pair of professional dancers to play the lead roles. I was able to see her perform two years ago, and it was my first time seeing the ballet. This year I was even more amazed. She has grown like crazy into an amazing dancer. With the amount of time she dedicates to it I shouldn't be surprised.

While I was relaxing and enjoying myself in the theater, The Munchkin was at home with Hubby. It was his first time putting the Munchkin to bed by himself.. and I was a little anxious for him. He wasn't worried at all, but it's a mommy's job to worry. He made me take a picture of everything he needed to do and then text it to him with instructions so that all he'd have to do is check his phone to make sure he was doing everything right. It worked out pretty well! I called during intermission, and everything had worked like a charm! The only thing that didn't go so well was the bottle. The Munchkin is a boob man and has never really taken a bottle before. We've tried, but he usually just chews on it. Apparently he ate a little, but then just wanted to sleep. At least I know I can take off again for an evening if I need a night off :)

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