Friday, December 10, 2010

Bath and Body Works

I have an affinity for soaps and lotions and all things that smell pretty. We have 3 bathrooms in our house, and every one of them has a pretty smelling hand soap. I have a couple of different ones in the bath for bubble baths and showering. I have a bottle of lotion next to my bed, my computer, and on the coffee table. I have 3 different perfumes in my medicine cabinet, and a dozen more in the linen closet. Each one of these is a different scent.

One of the stores that always makes me spend the most money is Bath and Body Works. They have everything all in one place! Lotion, bubble bath, soaps, hand sanitizer that actually smells good, perfumes, and sooo much more! The closest one to me used to me across the border, so I could only get there every once in a while. I'd stock up pretty well of course, but when I ran out sometimes it was like going through withdrawal until I could get across the line. Recently the built one about an hour away! But even's in the same building as my mom's office! Now I just have to go online, make a little list of what I would like, e-mail it to my mother, and it's at my house by the next weekend! Sure she's here to see the Munchkin and not deliver my crack ( ahem ) I mean goodies, but it sure feels like my birthday every time.

I was running low on hand soaps so last week I 'put in my order' with my mom. My all time favorite scent from Bath and Body is Country Apple. The name has changed over the years, but the luscious scent has stayed the same. I still have at least one of those in reserve, so I thought I'd live dangerously and skip it this order. Instead I got the seasonal apple scents :P
And then a wonderful citrus scent.
Another Christmas one.

And the last one is a total random one for me. I usually can't stand floral scents. I find them way too overpowering, and not at all fresh. However, my mom has this one in her bathroom at home, and I love it!

MMmmmm. I want to go wash my hands now.

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