Thursday, December 23, 2010

Christmas Tree Lighting

I love everything to do with Christmas, but Hubby isn't as much of a keener. Don't get me wrong, he's a big fan of Christmas, *especially* the warm indoor activities. That is why I was blown away when he suggested taking the Munchkin to the Christmas Tree lighting down town. I've lived in this town for 9 years now, and have never been. Hubby has lived here his entire life, and thinks he may have been once or twice. We figured it might be something we could do with the Munchkin every year it's fun.

As you can see from the picture... it was cooold. Fun, sure, but mostly cold. A bunch of the downtown businesses had free hot chocolate and coffee, but the lineups were ridiculous. There were things going on all afternoon, but we just showed up with enough time to meet some friends and watch the switch flip. It was a little crazy weaving through the crowds with a stroller, but it was manageable. We will likely try again next year when he's old enough to understand what's going on a little me, then decide if it's a tradition in the making.

Two more sleeps until Christmas!!

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