Thursday, December 2, 2010

Shopping with Grandma

My mom loves to spoil her only grandchild...that's a lie, she loves to spoil all of us! She single-handedly furnished the Munchkin's bedroom, and did most of the painting.

This past weekend she was going to forgo spending Saturday with the Munchkin so that she could get some of her Christmas shopping done. She was getting pretty anxious about it because she hadn't bought anything yet, and Christmas is fast approaching. Little did she know, I have become Super Shopper Woman! I offered to meet her half way between our two cities at a fairly decent mall and help her find something. Instead she drove all the way out here, and then we drove back to the mall in the middle to do our shopping. She had some twisted logic for that, so I didn't argue.

We estimated that we would be gone for about 2 hours......almost 5 hours later she was in her car heading home. We started out at a strip mall a few blocks away from the 'big' mall planning to quickly check out the new Carters * Osh Kosh store. I'm pretty sure we spent almost an hour there! It wasn't even that big of a store! Grandma decided she wanted to buy the Munchkin a Christmas outfit. I thought is was a pretty good idea, and he could wear it in his pictures with Santa. Well, one outfit turned into a Christmas outfit, and a backup for Christmas dinner on Boxing Day with hubby's family. Then those 2 turned into 4 and a hoodie. Spoiled Rotten!

We spent another hour in the same strip mall at the Hallmark store and Home Outfitters, with a short trip through Old Navy. We were all starving by this point including the Munchkin, so we headed to the mall for lunch in the food court. Grandma had gotten a huge chunk of her shopping done (you're welcome) so she wasn't as panicked after lunch. I made the mistake of letter Grandma into Babies R Us. We walked out of there an hour later with a few new toys and a try for the Munchkin's Bumboo. I hadn't spent a cent yet, but then we passed by my weakness... The Children's Place. I managed to get in and out in 15 minuted with only 2 outfits, both of which were on sale. (I told you I'm the Super Shopper!) We finished our trip around the mall, picked up something to go along with Hubby's gift, and finally headed home. The Munchkin was more than overdue for a nap, but he was still in a pretty good mood.

We got home, put the Munchkin to bed, and sorted through all our goodies!

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