Friday, December 17, 2010

Swimming Lessons

As a kid, I was a water rat. I looooved swimming, in the pool, in the lake, even in the ocean. We used to go camping for 2 weeks every summer, and I spent the entire 2 weeks in the water. Hubby hates the water now, but as a teen he was the star of the swim team. The love of water must be in the Munchkin's blood. He enjoyed bath time from day one, and splashes like a champ. Our local rec center has swimming lessons for babies starting at 4 months old, so he was registered for the first set of lessons that started after he was 4 months. I was a little anxious on his behalf. Pools are super bright and loud, so you never know how he will react.

He loved it! The Munchkin was a little tentative at the beginning, but was calm the whole time. The lessons are great too. A lot of it is teaching the parents what to do, how to hold them, how to get in and out of the pool with a baby, baby CPR, lots of good stuff. They also had 'games' to help with their motor skills and build their comfort level in the water. Yesterday was our last lesson :( He has to be 18 months to move up to the next level, but we'll do this level again in the spring. I really want to keep him in the water as much as possible. Both Hubby and I want to make sure he is comfortable in the water and learns to swim ASAP. My parents have a summer place on the lake, and we stay there for a few weeks every year so it's important that he learn to swim.

I didn't get any pictures at the pool, maybe I'll remember when we go to the pool to 'practice' our swimming after Christmas.

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